Has anyone here worked with CXG? I keep getting emails offering jobs, and I email them back and don't hear, which is fine. But I also emailed with a question about my account and got no response. I have received an email confirmation email about a month after I signed up with them, and I've never gotten a response for any of my applications. Anyone have a similar experience, or any experience at all with CXG?

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Sign up for shops on their website, not by emailing them.

They have their own timeline for actual shop schedules. If you go to their website and sign up for shops, they may not actually need the shops done for a few weeks, and sometimes shops will give very long times within which the shop can be done.

It may be weeks later that they contact a shopper who expressed interest--and at that point they will make the assignment. For them it is normal. Unlike other MS companies, who might take a few hours or a day or two to make the assignment.

They have great shops with good fees, and they pay on time
Unfortunately, they don't post any shops on their website and instead choose to send emails to which they tell you to reply. And then they never respond. Even RBG emails to let you know if something has already been assigned.
My communications have been hit or miss. I've found them to be more responsive over email rather than entering dates into their system. The dates always pass by the time they've looked at it.
Is CXG the former 2nd 2 None, Albatross or neither company? If neither, please share what you know of these folks.
I was wondering about CGX as well. I loved the high-end, well-paid shops I used to do for, but they weren't as good when they established a U.S. presence. I recently came across some old emails, did a search for Albatross and it led me to CGX.
Both "CX Group" (formerly Second to None) and "CXG" (formerly Albatross) have shops to sign up for on their websites.

CXG "Albatross" lists shops ahead of time, sometimes months early. Then when they are ready to shop they will select from among those who applied, contact them to tell more about the shop, then schedule and confirm the dates, which may have changed since the application.

CXGroup "Second to None" allows you so self-assign directly from their website.

Both are reliable companies that pay well and on time.
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