It seems like the consensus of this company is that they are a reliable company, the pay is a little low but fair, but it could take 60-90 to get paid. I was just curious to know if anyone from their company has come out and explained why it take soooo long to issue payment. I mean they have a bunch of big clients, if CRI can pay weekly why on earth should it take them several months. I've only done a few jobs for them for places I would have gone anyways, but I've passed on a lot of work from them because I don't want to wait that long to get paid. Do their editors, shedulers, and accounting people get paid one every few months?

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I work for them and several more that take forever to pay, because I know I WILL be paid, and there are no reimbursements on the jobs I do.

Live consciously....
I think they drag their feet so they can earn interest on our pay, kind of like some businesses delay refunding money to a customers after returned items are processed.
The relatively low pay and time it takes are two reasons I don't shop for them regularly. However, one thing I will say in their favor, is that they disclose upfront when they will pay, and at least for me, have never been later than the stated end of the month following the shop.
They have always paid according to their stated schedule. This company has been good to work with and I haven't had any problems. I don't get a lot of opportunities in my area, but now and then I pick up a job for them. I am sure the payment schedule is a cash flow management strategy.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
I always wait until they offer a bonus to do a shop. I have been working for them for over years and I am happy with them. Usually if you do shops for them every them you will a money coming in every month even if it 60 days to pay.
I am registered with Intellishop However, every time I apply and never receive the shop. I just stopped applying.
This company is known for their Hero Citations (translation: a gold star but no extra money). Hero Citations mean absolutely nothing to me. I did this company a favor by taking a job 2 hours away and then they docked me 2 points for something really nit-picky. Now they're sending me emails wanting me to do more jobs for them 2 hours away. No way.
kittybratt Wrote:
> I am registered with Intellishop However, every
> time I apply and never receive the shop. I just
> stopped applying.

Kittybratt, that happened to me at the beginning, too. I assumed it was because I hadn't done anything for them, so I finally applied for one of the attraction shops, something I was NOT interested in doing. Yup, got it the first time I applied, and although I wasn't happy doing that particular shop, I haven't had a problem getting anything since.
I have done many shopps for them and I have never not been paid. I know when I take the assingment how long it will be befiore I get my money. There are some MSC's that apy fast and some that pay slowly. I f they need more info they will let you know and they want you to reply ASAP.
They're slightly below my okay meter. Low and slow paying.

Sometime back, they took issue with a receipt I uploaded. After submitting my report and receipt, they asked that I upload a receipt which showed the location's address. I had uploaded the one and only receipt I was given, which did not have the address of the location. What was I supposed to do? Take the receipt given to me at the register, inspect it and tell the associate to fix it, to show the address? Not my fault, nor my problem. We went a few rounds. I got paid but it left a bad taste it my mouth.
Again, never had a problem in 5 years, just did two and doing two more. I find them responsable and not nit picky, and I love the self-asign.
Having said that, we all can have stuff that happens with any MSC, if it's continual, then there's a problem.

Live consciously....
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