Has anyone worked with this company before. Trying to get an idea how they pay? How professional they are. Please advise any experiences. Thanks

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I've worked for them and they pay quickly and are easy to work with. They don't have a ton of clients in my area. No complaints though.

They used to be known as ICU associates.

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I just completed my first shop for them. The pay was just ok, but the survey form was quick and easy with very little narrative. They list their payment policy on GigSpot. I pasted it for your below:

"Payments should be issued around the 20th of the following month via PayPal’s mass payment system. Example: Shopper completes shop on November 4. Shop payments will be issued around December 20th."
I'm happy with them. Jobs and their reports aren't horribly difficult and the pay has been good. I've shopped a cannabis dispensary chain and an adult store chain, both were pretty interesting lol.
Thanks for all your feedback. They seem to have a small clientele. In a diversified corporation. One shop between Wichita and Denver. Looked over the questionnaire. Seems professional and to the point.
Just never heard of them before.
Thanks Again!
I am working with them: few shops per quater. they have shops either in my area or in NYC where and friquent.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania since 2009
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