Customer Service Experts Shopper Feedback Results

Dear evaluators:

CSE has just completed our 2011 evaluator survey and I am pleased to share the results with everyone. I personally thank those of you who took the time to give us your feedback.

We invited over 4,000 evaluators who have worked with us within the past 2 years to take the survey and 393 people responded. Here is an overview of the results. Overall, we averaged an 80.38% for the below categories:

CSE Service Standards = 82.2%
Measurement Services Operations = 80.3%
Loyalty = 84.0%

We are proud of the work that we do and we value the relationships we have with our evaluators. We measured various areas of operation and found there are things that we are doing extremely well and others that we need to focus on and develop further.

The purpose of this survey was to listen and learn with intent to act, so while we will continue with the best practices that are working well within our organization, we plan on acting on our areas of opportunity. A cross-departmental team, including an evaluator and an editor, met recently to identify action items in response to the survey feedback.

Action teams will be forming in the weeks to come to implement improvement strategies, so please stay tuned for forthcoming information on how we will take what you have told us and create a better evaluator experience!

Thank you again for your participation and valuable feedback,

Jennifer Hardesty
Measurement Services
CSE, Inc.

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