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Has anyone ever done a shop for Beyond Hello? If so, are the reports usually lengthy and what's the usual turnaround time for pay?

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I have, but it has been a long time. I remember their surveys as being very redundant, but not difficult. Payment was made with a reasonable period of time. They are neither the fastest nor the slowest companies to pay.
They have always paid me on time according to their stated terms: "All shopper fees will be paid through PayPal by the end of the month for the previous month's assignments. In most cases, the payment will cover all completed assignments received and invoiced to Beyond Hello's client during the previous month. In the event you do not receive full credit for any item which you purchase with your funds at the direction of Beyond Hello (the "Funds"winking smiley Beyond Hello will reimburse you via PayPal for such Funds and any sales tax associated with that purchase provided you deliver to Beyond Hello the undamaged item and sales receipt."
I am working for BH and like their in 2 months with reports being a bit long and redundant. They have a CA great coffee house I enjoy with decent pay. They do have age requirements on their retail shops, but they are a solid company.

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I did 4 shops for them this month and generally do about 2 per month because options for this company are limited in my area. The reports were not that long and they definately pay one time.
Sean182 Wrote:
> Their reports are lengthy, but they do pay on
> time.

Relatively speaking, I don't find BH's reports lengthy, though depending on the shop, some require more narrative than others.
I find it depends upon the shop. Some reports are long and repetitive. Others are not. They pay the end of the following month.
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