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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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anyone heard of check mark, inc?

I am a bit suspicious....and I have never been a mystery shopper. But, I got an email from one of the several jobs that I had applied for: Dear CSR, Our Human Resources Dept. received your application to the Customer Service job opening posted on Careerbuilder dated from 2nd to 4th... Continue Reading

checkmark inc

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checkmark inc

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Check Mark, Inc., pay

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Review of Checkmark Inc

SHOPPERS - BEWARE - of CHECKMARK INC. I have been mystery shopping for over 2 years now. I work for many many mystery shopping companies. I am registered with over 300 mystery shop companies and recently did some shops for a company called CHECKMARK INC.COM. The company's website... Continue Reading

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Make up a cheat sheet on Excel. I have one for the banks. There is one column per shop. The rows are: ENTERED (I check mark this after I enter each report) BANK SHOP DONE (I check mark this after I leave the branch) Type: (ODP or Combo) Job (Job number) Address (Source). February 07, 2015

Make sure you print those invoices, and put a check mark next to the receipt so that prints too (except for this one since there is none). (Source). February 02, 2015

forum members' approval, of no longer viable MSCs, merchandising companies and scheduling companies:[/b] A Step Above Service Evaluations A Top Shop Bevinco Certified Reports (Purchased by Market Force) Channel Watch Mystery Shopping Check Mark Inc CheckUp Marketing Circle of Service Mystery Shopping (Duplicate) Consumer Perspectives (Incorrect Name) Customer Service Perceptions Direct Scheduling Services Dot 2 Dot Retail Group Excel Shopping & Consulting Extra Eyes Nationwide, Inc Focus (Source). December 08, 2014

[u]Checkmark[/u] [b]REMOVE[/b] They appear to be defunct, from forum comments. (Source). December 04, 2014

I was hitting the camera button and getting a green checkmark for each photo as I went through the survey. (Source). October 18, 2014

I do an excel sheet and for each photo and across the top put the address of the station. I put a check mark near the photo taken and if I have more than one photo of something, I put as many check marks as photos I took. (Source). October 18, 2014

That is the worst part of the website, going back to the report and re-clicking submit photo and getting one green checkmark at a time on the same question. (Source). October 15, 2014

The $28 one is looking for anything out of complainace, while the $12 one is looking for corrected branding(the checkmark and the word with the Zeeeeeeeeee). (Source). October 08, 2014

Since I have none, I'll plan on not leaving for 3 hours if I have to. To make sure I take all the pictures, I put a checkmark next to each required photo shot, showing that I did take that one (multiples of course) so that when I leave that store, I KNOW I took all the required pictures. (Source). October 03, 2014

On the other hand, yesterday I also did a bank shop where the banker did not point out the checkmark or go through the example in the brochure. (Source). September 17, 2014