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anyone heard of check mark, inc?

I am a bit suspicious....and I have never been a mystery shopper. But, I got an email from one of the several jobs that I had applied for: Dear CSR, Our Human Resources Dept. received your application to the Customer Service job opening posted on Careerbuilder dated from 2nd to 4th... Continue Reading

checkmark inc

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checkmark inc

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Check Mark, Inc., pay

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Review of Checkmark Inc

SHOPPERS - BEWARE - of CHECKMARK INC. I have been mystery shopping for over 2 years now. I work for many many mystery shopping companies. I am registered with over 300 mystery shop companies and recently did some shops for a company called CHECKMARK INC.COM. The company's website... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Check Mark Inc

If I recall correctly, the CheckMark folly was because the checks had been issued and the partners split up, with one partner taking 'her share' of the business out of the accounts in front of the issued checks. (Source). March 27, 2014

Years ago, Check Mark started with miscommunication problems, switching banks, and so forth, bouncing cheques around the country. (Source). March 27, 2014

Why would a company hire me, the shopper who demands a higher fee instead of someone who demands a lower fee? The new shopper can make check marks in the right places too. (Source). March 21, 2014

It did help when I noticed on the second pass through that they tell you have many check marks to put on each question. (Source). March 02, 2014

I opened the PhotoStamper app. There are three tabs at the top. I imported the photo in the first tab (the one with the folder with a check mark in the middle). (Source). January 23, 2014

One paid well, but didn't reimburse for food or gambling although it required both. However, the report was a series of check marks and a brief summary that could be done in less than an hour. (Source). January 22, 2014

I used Excel because of how easy it was to create actual boxes for things only needing a check mark. (Source). January 01, 2014

I used Excel because of how easy it was to create actual boxes for things only needing a check mark. (Source). December 30, 2013

You will need to go to and log on with your user id and password. Click the appropriate check mark beside the shop listing at the bottom of your home page and report the appropriate outcome. (Source). December 17, 2013

Under work/payment history, in the list of shops at the bottom there is a green checkmark next to a shop that has been bonused. (Source). October 29, 2013