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anyone heard of check mark, inc?

I am a bit suspicious....and I have never been a mystery shopper. But, I got an email from one of the several jobs that I had applied for: Dear CSR, Our Human Resources Dept. received your application to the Customer Service job opening posted on Careerbuilder dated from 2nd to 4th... Continue Reading

checkmark inc

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checkmark inc

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Check Mark, Inc., pay

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Review of Checkmark Inc

SHOPPERS - BEWARE - of CHECKMARK INC. I have been mystery shopping for over 2 years now. I work for many many mystery shopping companies. I am registered with over 300 mystery shop companies and recently did some shops for a company called CHECKMARK INC.COM. The company's website... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Check Mark Inc

On the other hand, yesterday I also did a bank shop where the banker did not point out the checkmark or go through the example in the brochure. (Source). September 17, 2014

Anything answered "No" in the "Yes/No" checkmarks above the narrative, need to be re-stated in the narrative. (Source). August 25, 2014

I have checked my profile, update it over and over, yet it still does not keep it check marked! I always have to search outside my area (yet my area does not show up). (Source). August 16, 2014

I put a check mark for each photo I take of each item so when I do the report I know that there are 4 photos of this, 2 photos of thatI print off the required photo sheet (Source). August 05, 2014

99 or something. You take a photo of your receipt, it gives you a grid to crop as needed, save (click the check mark), nameI usually put the store name and date like 6914 or something so I can tell them apart, save and then upload to Dropbox :D. (Source). July 16, 2014

Found this really old thread about Checkmark. (Source). June 23, 2014, if I took 4 photos from across the street I put 4 checkmarks. (Source). June 16, 2014

When there are shops available but you are not eligible for, then it will show the city that the shop is located as available but when you place a checkmark and request shops, there will be no shops showing up for that city in the list of available shops. (Source). June 01, 2014

When it became an issue with a couple of companies I used the easy option of turning off email notifications for a while. Otherwise the difficulty of putting a check mark next to 5 or 20 emails and choosing delete seems to escape me. (Source). May 30, 2014

Do you think they'll pay for the shop or not? I'll be keeping a close eye on the pretty green checkmark! (Source). April 27, 2014