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Coast to Coast Merchandising and Installations.

Does anyone know if Coast to Coast is a reputable company? I have gone on line this is not part of Atlantic Coast. I received an email from a recruiter stating that I had applied with their company. I have not filled out any applications in the last 3 Years... Continue Reading


I received an offer to do a hotel shop from ctcss. I have to pay expenses up front. Has anyone done these and will I really get reimbursed, if I do it correctly?... Continue Reading

Contact Number for CTCSS

Hello, does anyone have a contact phone number for CTCSS? OR CMS (California Marketing Specialists). I performed a shop for CMS in October and sent my invoice to them at I have yet to be paid and they won't return my emails for a status of... Continue Reading


[deleted spam]... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast Mercandising and installations

Has anyone worked for this company? I have set up some Point of Purchase material shops with this company and they are asking for copies of all of my personal identification materials, i.e., copy of license, copy of social security card, and W9. And no hits for this... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan , Coast to Coast : Bipolar issue?

That's a part of two emails..I wanted ,as asked, to correct my report..judge yourself "logic" of the replies / emails I received....;-) 1) " Please try to submit your reports again. When you fill out your reports, please use complete sentences and state facts only." 2) " You donít have to... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast

I am not new to mystery shopping, but am to this MSC. I have never been able to pull up any shops in any state, anywhere. Has anyone else had any luck with them?... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast comprimised?

So in my updating of all my mystery shops, I came across Coast to Coast. I could not find anywhere to change my profile information and went to their home site to see what to do. I then discovered they use Profit, like a lot of other MSC, and not... Continue Reading


I've probably been signed up with this MSC for over two years now, and have yet to see an assignment in my part of mystery shopping land up here in the Pacific NW. Do they have any kind of job board? Although their site makes a reference to using a... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast & Monterey

Does anyone know if these two companies are the same? I applied at Monterey and received a confirmation from Coast to Coast. Thanks bunches,... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast Scheduling

I had a bad experience with these folks. They take days to respond to a simple question. They don't seem to understanding when it comes to a shopper error. What have your experiences been with them.?... Continue Reading

"Fun Apartment Shops" Through Coast To Coast Scheduling

Are they fairly easy? Can the shops be self-assigned? Do reports still have to be sent to the scheduler, rather than directly submitted via Prophet? I love the scheduling company, but I wonder why this may be a bit different as far as direct reporting is concerned. Thanks all!... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Does anyone work with Ctcss or Coast-to-Coast and are they good to work with/

Has anyone worked through this company? I have only been mystery shopping since early May. I have signed up with about 20 companies, so far. I have only scheduled shops with about 8, so far, due to location or other criteria. I take the responsibility very... Continue Reading

what is the difference between MSPA, Jobslinger, Sassie, Prophet, Volition and CTCSS; and how do they interrelate with each other?

what is the difference between MSPA, Jobslinger, Sassie, Prophet, Volition and CTCSS; and how do they interrelate with each other? it seems like i'm required to register on dozens of different websites, and i don't even know what they all do, or how they are connected to each other. it... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast

can someone please send me the link to login to Coast to Coast!! I am just not getting any assignments through any state I click on. Liz... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast

Just got an email from Tom at CTCSS saying they no longer will schedue for MCG. They will not service that account indefintely...those that have jobs scheduled should get in touch with Tom.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Coast to Coast Scheduling Services

If you have questions or would like to register please don't hesitate to reach out to scheduler@ctcss. (Source). April 18, 2017

Her goal is to average $25 an hour for now. She did shops for Marketforce, Intelli-shop, ctcss, Maritz, SeeLevelHX, and several other companies. (Source). April 07, 2017

I trust you will enjoy your new position. I am based in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, close to the border with Washington, USA and am registered with Coast to Coast. (Source). April 03, 2017

Welcome! I'm from NC and have never heard of Coast to Coast. (Source). April 03, 2017

You will not receive a log-in name or password after you apply. If there is an appropriate assignment, either we will contact you or our recruitment arm, Coast to Coast Scheduling Services will contact you. (Source). April 02, 2017

I also do more sporadic work for SPAR and Lawrence, and I do a monthly on-going job for Coast to Coast Merchandising. (Source). March 22, 2017

I am a new scheduler with Coast to Coast! I look forward to working with you! Thank You, Jacque Coast to Coast Scheduling (Source). March 16, 2017

Does anyone know if Coast to Coast is a reputable company? (Source). March 01, 2017

Coast to Coast scheduling services is now scheduling apartment shops for Cirrus Marketing Intelligence. (Source). November 09, 2016

I hope you get it but I would not count on it. Often my Coyle jobs are assigned through a scheduling service, Coast to Coast Scheduling, even though I applied through Coyle. (Source). September 29, 2016