Coast to Coast Merchandising and Installations.

Does anyone know if Coast to Coast is a reputable company? I have gone on line this is not part of Atlantic Coast. I received an email from a recruiter stating that I had applied with their company. I have not filled out any applications in the last 3 Years and do not recall applying at this company. I have called the number listed and it goes to an answering machine, I have checked with the BBB I do not find anything listed, and I have looked at their application there is quite a few misspellings. Leaves me to Wonder. I would appreciate any information.

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They don't get a lot of work, but they are reputable. I do occasional jobs with them. Good communication and they pay on time.
I do an ongoing, monthly job for them and I have been paid on time and correctly. Any time I have had to email their staff with questions, I have gotten back responses very, very quickly. Their job instructions are also detailed and easy to understand. I do enjoy working for them.
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