Does anyone out there do these in routes like I do? AND if you do, did you get your bonus from last quarter yet? I am not wanting to start this quarter until I get my bonus from last.

They did sent out an email a couple weeks ago saying the bonus would be tied into the last payment for shops. Well, all my shops are now paid and still no bonus.

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I know you can't give out the name of the company for these, but is there anyway you could give me a hint. Like, the first, second, and third letters of the name? HA kidding. Seriously, just if it's a bigger or smaller MSC and/or if they're on the official list on this page? We have quite a few of these around here and I wouldn't mind doing some if it's not a revealed shop, although I'm guessing if you have routes it is.

did you exchange your walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
Lol....Big MSC, yes on the "official list". It is a reveal audit. I have never seen it on the job board and was offered it thru email only. Not sure how I got lucky to be offered several different routes with them, but I did.
Ah! So that's why I've never seen them. Oh well, not really interested if it's revealed. Thanks for the info though!

did you exchange your walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
Hi SecretAgentMom,

Have you contacted the company and asked them to look into it for you?

Mistakes happen. I just send a polite email explaining what I was expecting and what I received, ending with the phrases, "Could you please look into this for me? I appreciate your help. Respectfully, (my name)"

It appears to work as I've always had the situation rectified quickly and accurately.

I hope it all gets sorted out quickly for you.

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No, haven't asked yet, considering they just sent out an email a couple weeks ago about when we will get it. Just wondering if anyone here in my world got theirs yet. smiling smiley
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