Typing up your report

Does anyone else have trouble writing up the report, some of the companies want you to tell a story, some just want the facks. And others I have no idea what they want yet. can anyone help the no's and NA's are drivint me crazy.

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Unfortunately it is something you learn mostly from experience. Different MSCs have different requirements. Some offer examples in their general information, some offer examples on the form itself, some you just learn by having your knuckles rapped.
And all of us have had our knuckles rapped a few times! Especially in the beginning.

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Beth 22 or any newbies, here's a helpful hint in case you were not aware of. When writing any section of your report, do not write with contractions, if that is the correct word for it. As in, don't for do not or wouldn't for would not or similar. Write out all of your words.
Answer the questions with facts. Always. Be objective rather than subjective.

The questions they ask will tell you what they need in the report.

If they ask for a summary just copy and paste what your wrote above. And add connecting sentences.

They will give you a chance to fix things. Its economical for them and better for you.

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For all reports, any "no" and some "NA" answers will need an explanation.

Some MSCs have a cap on the number of characters in their narratives. You will see that stated when you start the report.

Some MSCs want a verbose narrative. No matter how much you write, it is never enough.

Most MSCs are somewhere in between.

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