Market Force (Purple portal) Open Check question

OK, this one has me stumped. And since this was the first (and only, so far) open check I've done, I have no idea of how to proceed.

I did this open check a month ago, and got this email yesterday.

"Your open check report was received, however; the small chart on the top of page 2 needs to be completed. Please fax in completed forms to 1-888-291-3550."

Now this would seem like an easy fix, however, I mailed in my original open check report as requested a month ago. There's also no sample to see online. To top it off, the editor who sent me this promptly went on a 10-day vacation after sending me the note.

I have no idea of how to respond. Any help would be appreciated.

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Although you mailed in "your original open check report", did you save a copy on your PC or personal at home file? The reports or guideline generally say "you must save your paperwork until you get paid or a time factor, in case there is a question." (For tax purposes anyway you should be saving all your MS work.)

I have noticed that some "movies" reports are not due to a client right away. Even though "our" due date is XYZ/current.

If you have a copy, problem solved. Get it to the editor before they return from vacation.
blanka Wrote:
> Stay away from market force. They are nothing but
> frauds and scam artists!

MF have always paid me and so far... never rejected a job or a receipt....
sportsed1 Wrote:
> OK, this one has me stumped. And since this was
> the first (and only, so far) open check I've done,
> I have no idea of how to proceed........

Did you get a rememdy for your problem. confused smiley confused smiley It has been 4 days. Let us know, maybe we can help.
People generally refer to Certified Field Associates as the purple portal of Market Force and the former Shop'n Check as the blue portal. MF has gobbled up some smaller companies. Generally, the blue one, has an emphasis on mystery shopping and audits, while the former Certified has more merchandising and theatre checks.

Wine! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
Ignore blanka - he or she has spamming any and every thread on MF, Bestmark or Monterey just because he/she cant do shops right and didnt get paid.
The vast majority of us have done TONS of shops for them and have never had any problems.
I do a lot of shops for MF, blue portal, and never had a problem. However, against warnings on this site, I tried the purple portal, since they had several restock shops very close to my home. It's a joke. I took an audit for a Walmart, filling balloons. $8.00, but I go there weekly anyway. Then they assigned me "Dollar Stores." I did the restock, 3.5 hours. (The manager told me that no one had been ther in months, and it was a mess.) They were only going to pay for 90 minutes. I tried to contact MF 5 times, (emails and calls). I was not going to turn in the report, unless I was paid for my time. Out of nowhere, they cancelled my account. I wrote them, how dissapointed I was with them. They offered to reinstate me. Oh, yeah! I told them, if that is how they treat their shoppers, what to do with their reinstatement.
It has been a while that I have been on the forum. However, I did 1000's of assignment for MF Blue, then I began with MF purle. I became very disappointed in how they treated me. If MF Blue ever goes sole again I will join them. I am with you stageangel.
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