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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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CheckMark, Inc.

I have never been a Mystery Shopper................. I just received an invitation via LinkedIn from someone I know. It was an invitation to shop for CheckMark, Inc. They sent me a check for $2750 and an instruction letter stating what the "assignment" was. The "assignment" is to purchase E-Bay gift cards... Continue Reading


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anyone heard of check mark, inc?

I am a bit suspicious....and I have never been a mystery shopper. But, I got an email from one of the several jobs that I had applied for: Dear CSR, Our Human Resources Dept. received your application to the Customer Service job opening posted on Careerbuilder dated from 2nd to 4th... Continue Reading

checkmark inc

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checkmark inc

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Check Mark, Inc., pay

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Review of Checkmark Inc

SHOPPERS - BEWARE - of CHECKMARK INC. I have been mystery shopping for over 2 years now. I work for many many mystery shopping companies. I am registered with over 300 mystery shop companies and recently did some shops for a company called CHECKMARK INC.COM. The company's website... Continue Reading

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Saved me. Also save your work as you go. App does weird things and loses your pictures. When you have the manager sign in the app, hit the check mark to save it. (Source). February 23, 2021

BTW, after I upload each photo, I X through the # lightly, or put a check mark after it. (Source). October 13, 2020

Check Marketforce. (Source). August 03, 2020

And how many times do I press the back arrow instead of the check mark only to wind up all the way at the map? (Source). February 29, 2020

$50 bonus for the Disney store, at least I returned the item; NSS $60 in expenses during the circus visit plus the $120 fee+bonus; $10 reimbursement +fee-rubber check (was this Checkmark? (Source). January 27, 2020

They are rarely crowded. The red checkmark store, which is where these shops are located, are terribly crowded. (Source). January 26, 2020

.. I guess they thought I had found a bunch of really bad stuff. I'd even print off a list of the food items, and then put a check mark through the ones they have. (Source). November 28, 2019

Check Marketforce. (Source). November 27, 2019

Once the map opens, I label it (Bank of America), click save, and choose the folder I named APPLIED. I also check mark or strike through the job on my chart Before you apply for a job, you have to check the location anyway so why not click SAVE? (Source). February 11, 2019

Any idea what the deal is? Do they just not like me? Have I missed a checkmark or a form somewhere? (Source). December 19, 2018