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Eye Spy Spotter

Hi. Eye Spy Spotter is on the Official List of mystery shopping companies, but there are no discussions. Just curious if anyone ever worked for them?... Continue Reading

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I don't know if eye spy is on the official list? (Source). July 12, 2015

Eye spy. (Source). July 12, 2015 Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence website: Elite Shopper Force website: Ellis Property Management Services / EPMS ESP (Evaluation Systems for Personnel) website: Expert Solutions (see Stericycle Expert Solutions) Eye Spy Critiquing & Consulting - [eyespycc. (Source). December 08, 2014

Extra Eyes Nationwide, Inc –Recommend Remove – No longer in business. Eye Spy Spotter Services Inc – Now operating as Hospitality Checkpoint - http://www. (Source). December 05, 2014

While I was working for Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence the latter acquired an account that Eye Spy Spotter used to have. (Source). October 21, 2014

Hi BayBerry, This message was on their website "Eye Spy Spotter Service Inc. (Source). October 17, 2014

Eye Spy Spotter is on the Official List of mystery shopping companies, but there are no discussions. (Source). September 16, 2014

com/ or on our company website Michael Zenner - CEO Eye Spy Spotter Services Inc. (Source). January 17, 2012

Eye Spy Spotter Services performs spots/shops in 13 states. (Source). October 05, 2011