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ICU Associates still in business?

Is ICU Associates still in business? I went to check and can’t access their site. Thanks!... Continue Reading

A GROSS mis-statement ICU Assocaites

$47 mystery shop--Monroe, Oh.--adults only Now for the contents: ICU Associates has a shop for one of our most popular clients - an adult merchandise and toy store in Monroe OH. The shop pays $10 plus up to $7 reimbursement. We have a $20 bonus for new shoppers who register and complete... Continue Reading

ICU Associates?

Searched here but did not find this info. Is anyone finding assignments thru ICU these days? I've done work for them in the past, but for a few months now, I've not seen any listings on their job board, and have gotten no emails. Does anyone have... Continue Reading

ICU associates

I can't bring the site up keep getting error... Continue Reading

ICU Associates

I have relocated from Colorado to Tennessee. I have been shopping for about 2 years but my companies were primarily either national or related to the companies that were located in Colorado. Now I see a company I haven't heard of and can't find anything about -- ICU... Continue Reading

ICU Associates, Inc??

Anyone hear about these people? I did a message board search but nothing came up. Mystery Shop Solutions sent an email about extra shops through this company.... Continue Reading

ICU Payment

Does anyone know if ICU Associates has changed their payment terms? I can't find anything on the site about it, but my payment is now technically two months behind.... Continue Reading

ICU and About Face

Anyone know the rotation on their shops? I never seem to be qualified for anything anymore.... Continue Reading

ICU Issues??

Is anyone else having any issues with ICU Associates? I posted about not receiving payment. I still have not received April's and May's is due is less than a week. I've now emailed three times, but have received no replies. In the past when I've emailed them about an assignment, I... Continue Reading

ICU Associates Payment

Has anyone received their ICU Associates payment this month? I thought I usually got it on the 10th so I went and checked my PayPal history and sure enough, it's always been the 10th, but it hasn't shown up yet this month.... Continue Reading

ICU and Background Check?

I was just finishing entering a shop on ICU, and I decided to look at my profile, which I do from time to time on random MSPs, just to make sure it's still correct, etc. I noticed there was a comment that said "Passed Background Check." I'm sure... Continue Reading

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ERs are filling up with “boarder” patients on respirators, waiting for ICU beds. (Source). December 07, 2020

So... no organized testing, no statistics, no overall information going out to people. They finally saw the light a few weeks ago: we have 3 ICU beds left in a population of 240,000. (Source). November 23, 2020

So... no organized testing, no statistics, no overall information going out to people. They finally saw the light a few weeks ago: we have 3 ICU beds left in a population of 240,000. (Source). November 23, 2020

Is ICU Associates still in business? (Source). August 23, 2020

I agree many GOP state leaders seem psychotic in pushing reopening no matter the health situation, BUT I think we've reached a limit. Hospital ICU capacity is maxed or near maxed in the main hot spots and TX, FL, and AZ are in crisis. (Source). July 08, 2020 Not good for TX and AZ: [quote][b]In Arizona, health officials reported on Monday that 88 per cent of the state’s ICU beds were occupied. (Source). July 02, 2020

[/quote] So nice that she is now forced to be in lockdown because someone she came in contact with tested positive. I get it if the person was in ICU and there was prolonged contact. (Source). June 26, 2020

, who are younger? ...Also, early on, we didn't have enough data to know who was most vulnerable. I posted that in France, half of all ICU beds were people under 65. (Source). June 25, 2020

Boris Johnson is out of ICU and is being rushed to a hair stylist. (Source). April 10, 2020

99% will survive. So... we’re cool, right? Only 1% die? The problem is this: 1% of 260,000,000 is 2.6 million. And that 1% fatality rate is with top-level care, ICU beds open and available, hospitals fully staffed, vents at the ready. (Source). April 08, 2020