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Word Association Game AGAIN!

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Word Association Game

Word Association, you were always there for me when I needed to relax or unlock my brain. When we first met, I did not realize how addictive you would become or that you would dominate my beloved "New Updates" box. It's become obvious you think it's all about you and... Continue Reading

A new twist to word association.

We now have many pages of data, plenty of words to create a forced association game. You need two or more posts selected at random to put together. The question can be how is "A" related to "B"? Or it could be how could "A" be used... Continue Reading

word association game!

Just reply with the first word that comes to your head. I'll start: Bingo!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of RDAssociates, Inc

You can fly non-stop with Alaska/United for $485 and the flights and times are much better. If you have a credit card associated with those airlines or fly with any regularity, bags are also free. (Source). June 12, 2019

I have found lots of good advice here since my initial posts! I am also aware that my very silly personality is alienating me. My word got skipped in “word association. (Source). January 30, 2019

Some with Trendsource. Those are VERY involved, but I have a routine with them, too.[/quote] One technique I've used when doing "harder" shops is a key word association on them. (Source). August 10, 2018

Warsaw (sorry, I could not resist, which is the essence of word association, I guess) (Source). March 20, 2018

It's what I call the [b]Famous Person Name Game[/b]. It's sort of like the Word Association game, in that you MUST CONNECT the PREVIOUS name to YOUR name selection by either using the first or last name. (Source). January 20, 2018

Remember, we had to resteart "word association," and other really long threads. (Source). January 09, 2018

me for another customer within 2 minutes, the next associate left me before I could get their name and never returned with the information I had asked for, and the third associate never even actually pitched me (like, there was this long awkward silence as I waited for her to say anything to me). (Source). September 12, 2017

Word Association, What are you having for dinner and the BBCode Test Post are all pinned to the top of the section yet they were ignored. (Source). July 16, 2017

@newbieshop, when did I post to the word association thread? (Source). February 26, 2017

@Sybil2 this is the reason I was unable to reply to you on the word association thread. (Source). February 26, 2017