A new twist to word association.

We now have many pages of data, plenty of words to create a forced association game. You need two or more posts selected at random to put together. The question can be how is "A" related to "B"? Or it could be how could "A" be used to improve "B". You will be surprised at some of the cool ideas you can come up with. I used to do this with my gifted students all of the time to exercise their brains.

For example, we had the word "turkey" and "waste basket". How are they alike? They are both stuffed!
Another example took a bit longer. How is "rock music" like a "jet airplane"? They both travel through the air.

So to choose your forced association words, pick two words in the same position of different pages. For instance the first word on page one is "bingo" and the first word on page two is "sun". This one was obvious to me - Las Vegas. Others will not be so easy, but the harder it is, the more dopamine will fill your head when you think of it! Just post the two words and the association.

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ok, fun idea. On one page is the word TIGHTWAD and on the next is FIELD.

Association: real estate broker

Her Serene Majesty, Cettie - Goat Queen of Zoltar, Sublime Empress of Her Caprine Domain
Source: General Chat; Severe Weather thread.
Word position: The last word of the last post on a page, not including signatures.
Page 1: neighborhood.
Page 2: hydrated.

Forced association: Tremé.
I saw this thread when it was new, but didn't feel like I had the brain power to give it a shot. Tonight, I think I'll give it a shot. smiling smiley

The third word, of the third post, in the third thread, on the third page, of two different sub-forums. (Mystery Shopping Discussions, and New Mystery Shoppers.)

First word: Fun + Second word: Stations = Donut stores!

(Yeah, that was kinda dumb... but I can't think of anything better right now, after all! Hee!)

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
I just pulled two random words from different pages. I a not sure what pages.

Date + Reimbursement = Sex (sorry, that is just where my mind went) I guess I could have said: Dutch

oh shoot, did not realize I could not say S E X on here

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spaztck Wrote:
> I would think: Playstation.

Well now, there ya go. That's what I get for not playing video games since the days of the original Atari. smiling smiley

SOOOOO much better than mine! It was late, and I wanted donuts, so there ya have it. smiling smiley

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
rezteach, where did you find a thread that used the phrase "regal goddess?"

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Any thread that Cettie has posted in... isn't that part of her sig line? smiling smiley

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
Lisa - It is page 359 of word association, second from the bottom and "high school" is a few pages before that in the same position. And yes, Cettie posted it, but it was her answer, not her sig line.
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