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Is still active??

I was just curious if they still had shops... Continue Reading - Not Dealing with Them Again

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

I completed 3 shops for this company. One was audited and approved 4 days later, and the other two have not been audited since I completed them on 7/9. Retailer is a jewelry store. DOes anyone have any experience doing shops for this company?... Continue Reading Wants to Charge Me for Lost Check!

I have shopped for them for years and never had any issues. I moved many years ago and have shopped for them since I moved. They still send paper checks and for some reason they sent the last payment to my old address. Since moving, I've received checks at the... Continue Reading

Is a scam?

It was one of the first websites to come up when I searched. They asked for my SSN and I gave it to them, but I've seen a few people online say that it's a scam or that they never got paid. I'm really scared now. It's on the "Official... Continue Reading

I see very few posts regarding this company and wonder why. Lack of shops? I'm in Wisconsin and they are one of my favorite companies. Easy scheduling and reporting, shops consistently pay $15, I have yet to have any issues with my reports. (7 shops since 10/22/15...and I... Continue Reading is unprofessional. This company has knocked me off on reports for client errors. For example, although I shopped from 6:29 PM to 6:49 PM, the editors claimed that I lied on the time of my visit because the receipt reflected a time of 12:21 PM. In actuality, the... Continue Reading

I recently did a shop for them...simple one, too. Upon trying to access the website to plug in the information, I could not. I'd get an error message. In emailing the coordinator, I find that they don't allow those who use Safari to access their website. And they then cancel... Continue Reading

I am registered with I can get onto their site only through the forum. Anyone else having difficulties with this?... Continue Reading

Is still in business?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading is losing their bananas!

I had a shop that was due at 2pm on Sunday. I submitted it on saturday since that was the day it was supposed to be completed. I received a vm on Sunday am saying the photos didn't come through so they needed me to resubmit the shop. Great I... Continue Reading

Anybody shop for

I looked for threads for this company, and the last post was from 2010. I'm wondering why there is nothing recent. I have not completed a shop for them, but have been signed up for a while. Last Friday (5/03/13), they sent me an email at 8:30... Continue Reading

SECRETSHOPPER.COM: Installing their browser enabled spellcheck??

Why is this the only msc where you have to install a browser spellcheck in order to enter completed shop?? Having to do this is both cumbersome and needless...why can't they just have it installed for us??? Yet to see this anywhere else. But it is a good company... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Secret Shopper --

com, and yes they are active and have never stopped listing available shops.[/quote] secretshopper. (Source). November 08, 2020

I love secretshopper. (Source). August 09, 2019

I saw a shop posted on jobslinger with secretshopper. (Source). May 22, 2019

Hello, I am not sure if you have found an email or phone number yet since you posted this yesterday but, this is email I have for them: coordinator@secretshopper. (Source). December 28, 2018

Am I wrong? I told them to stick it for the principle of it even though I did the shop. Anyone have a phone number for Secret Shopper? Coordinator (Source). December 05, 2018

https://www.secretshopper. (Source). April 21, 2018

secretshopper. (Source). February 28, 2017

secretshopper. (Source). February 26, 2017

com Service Evaluation Concepts Service Excellence Group DSG Associates Godwin and Associates Shopper Critique Secretshopper. (Source). February 21, 2017

I am new to this and I am wondering is secretshopper. (Source). August 19, 2015