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Jacob's email? 6 iShop123
smartphones...what kind do you have and why?   (Pages: 1 2) 58 heather shops
Happy Hanukkah 2 walesmaven
I am thankful because... 10 Shop-et-al
"Barbara lives in Bank World" (or, why bank mystery shops are still relevant) 6 Shop-et-al
Black Friday starts today (in some places. it started days ago in other places and will continue for a few weeks...) 10 Shop-et-al
Target gift cards 10% OFF Today ONLY 2 heather shops
I want your feedback 5 heather shops
Are All Relishes Pickled, Sweet, and Sour? 3 shoptastic
Happy Thanksgiving! 4 HonnyBrown
If you see something, say something. Give me a break! 14 LIJake
Ernestine Interviews Cher (or, why aren't they teaching this!?) 4 Shop-et-al
To mask or not to mask.... here is some of the answer.....   (Pages: 1 2) 56 Shop-et-al
DO you think the shut down was worth it?   (Pages: 1 ... 9 10 11) 321 2stepps
kindle paperwhite   (Pages: 1 2) 34 heather shops
Do You Find Next Door Helpful, Trustworthy, Disturbing, etc.? 12 shoptastic
Veteran's Day No Replies 1 Shop-et-al
Riots 15 2stepps
Daylight savings 7 heather shops
High Dosage Flu vaccine note 13 walesmaven
Gig Economy 12 Clamchatter
2019 Tax Returns 14 plmccut
Do you have a Dell model 1815 MFP Multination Laser Printer ? 3 walesmaven
Do Walmart & Target delivery now? Is it from their local stores? 26 shoptastic
Good ad/pop-up blocker, please 17 walesmaven
Happy Happy Halloween !! 6 heather shops
Did you VOTE early? 26 MSF
Making Vegetable Broth that is versatile 9 walesmaven
Anyone ever try an electric unicycle? 16 Dongjuan
Can you find the polar bear among the ghosts? (link leads to cute picture puzzles and info about their creator) 3 Shop-et-al
Has anyone bought a property recently? 9 ColoradoShops
Specifically for people who do not want politics here... (or, what is the big deal, anyway?) 6 Shop-et-al
The Endless Hunt for Rubbing Alcohol 25 shoptastic
Electronics Quiz 2020 This topic has been moved.
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