Bare Job Boad Q

in the profile it says they will send one check before having you enter your bank account info.

When I open a job near me, there is a flashing box titled "Click for Extended Profile" yet click all I want it doesnt open.

Is this reffering to entering my bank information? nothing happens when I click on 'Help' either.

sad smiley ?

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Hard to tell what information they think you are missing in the Extended Profile.

Both the Extended Profile and the Help buttons should work when clicked on. I just checked using Firefox. What browser are you using? The website should work with Internet Explorer or with Firefox predictably. If you are using one of those I would suggest shutting down your computer completely and coming back in from a 'cold boot' as something may have tripped over itself.
Bare International are scamers!!!!! They never paid us for 5 shops we did. Kept coming up with excuses that we violated the guidelines. Do NOT do anything for them. SCam Scam Scam !!!

I have always found them fairly reasonable to work with. Not the biggest bucks around but certainly honest, solid work.
There is nothing scam about them. Follow the guidlines and get paid every time...winking smiley

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
If you want to discuss not being paid and put forth your side of the story then by all means do just that. A legitimate company who invalidates a shop either because of shopper error or ambiguous instructions is a far cry from a scammer. You have been asked numerous times to post details of the problem and instead continue to throw out vague accusations which have no basis in reality.

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