Do mystery shopping companies deactivate you if you do not shop for them in a certain amount of time?

I am a relatively new mystery shopper. I used to do grocery and restaurant shops for 2 companies 4 years ago, but was deactivated from lack of shopping. This time around I am much more serious about mystery shopping as I am a stay at home Mom and would like to supplement DH's income as things are a little tight right now.

The advice on here is to sign up for lots of companies (I am at 20 right now and have shopped a few). My question is, if I sign up and I don't shop for them, will they drop me after a certain amount of time. Do people have success getting reinstated when shops become available in their area?

This forum has been really helpful in finding new companies for me to try.

Thank you!

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It differs by company. Keep signing up. You will really not get a good picture of what is available unless you are looking at 50-100 companies. Most companies will email you saying that they would like you to update your profile periodically. If you do not do so, they may deactivate you.

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Thank you! I just didn't want to spoil my chances applying with them down the road. Thanks for the profile tip too.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Another tip re updating your profile. If nothing has changed, go ahead and make a change, save it, then go back and undo the change. Sometimes they're checking for activity & not always recording what the activity is.

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