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Discussions About Deactivation

Market Force deactivated me

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Marketforce - Did I get deactivated?

Hello, I received this morning an email from Marketforce that said that "due to internal scheduling conflict" the two shops I had scheduled had to be cancelled, and now on the job board, the jobs are "loading" but never show up. Did that ever happen to anyone before? Does that... Continue Reading

How to Self Deactivate ShopMetric Platform

Hi, I've retired and would like to deactivate all my accounts. I've not had any success on some platforms such as ShopMetric. Is there any option? Thank you for your response.... Continue Reading

How Many MSC Have You Deactivated Yourself From?

Not all companies allow you to see a listing of shops BEFORE signing up, so I'm sure quite often, we've all signed up for a co. then regretted it because nothing pertains to us OR has the type of shops we want...even if we give them at least 6 mos... Continue Reading

Deactivated Account

There is a company that I have done a handful of shops for that has deactivated my account. Last week I couldn't login. I tried resetting my password and it didn't work. I emailed them that I am having trouble logging in and I received a reply that... Continue Reading

IPSOS Deactivatied me after submitting a bank shop

IPSOS is up to their old tricks again.. The branch was closed on a Saturday due to local road construction. A call the day before confirmed the branch should be open. I arrived and a sign in the window stated that the branch was closed.... I sent the photo in.... Continue Reading


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Deactivated from MarketForce

I received notification that I was deactivated from MarketForce because more than 50% of my shops in the last 6 months were invalidated, which is not true. Iím scratching my head over this one, and wondering if I should fight it, or just let it go? I had... Continue Reading

MARKETFORCE: Deactivated me ??

So today and yesterday attempted to login, and get a message stating there are no new shops for me. Does this mean I am deactivated??? Thank You.... Continue Reading

Scheduler at summit scheduling deactivated my account for a petty, personal reason

A scheduler cited me (or told me I was cited, it turns out I was not) when I had to cancel when I got a severe flu. The next time I was asked to do a shop for a bonus (because no one wants to do it), I ask... Continue Reading

Account deactivation not possible

Hi all. Has anyone tried to deactivate their account from IPSOS or ACDL? there are links to signup but there is no option to cancel on shopmetrics? Has anyone tried before?... Continue Reading

Account deactivation not possible

Hi all. Has anyone tried to deactivate their account from IPSOS or ACDL? there are links to signup but there is no option to cancel on shopmetrics? Has anyone tried before?... Continue Reading

Abruptly Deactived

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Is Marketforce website down, or have I been (gulp!) deactivated?

Yikes. I can log in, but searching for shops shows no shops. Anybody else?... Continue Reading

Deactivated by Maritz

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Market Force Deactivation???

Hello! I am new to this forum! Has anyone experienced being abruptly deactivated from Market Force without any warning??? I was recently deactivated and given zero notice. When I inquired about my deactivation I was told it was due to "several" inaccuracies in reporting. I have been mystery shopping for... Continue Reading

Does Sinclair or PersontoPerson send 1099's if you've resigned/deactivated yourself?

I left both of these companies last year and although I kept spreadsheets, I seem to have failed to print my shop logs or I've stuck them somewhere and with moving twice they've gone poof. I like to keep hard copies in my folders and cannot for the life of... Continue Reading

RESOLVED ----- Strategic Reflections... do they deactivate for being inactive?

****** Thank you all for additional contact info. Apparently something internal with my account that was just sending me in circles. I log in, says no account, I try to sign up says to reset password, I reset password and it says no account ***** you get the idea. One... Continue Reading

I dreamed Ipsos sent me an email deactivating

And banning me, early this morning. As I love them and await 3 payments for recent work, that was a sweat-inducing bad dream.... Continue Reading

MF glitch or deactivated?

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Market force account deactivate

My account was deactivated last month as my SSN was not validated. I was asked to fax SSN which I faxed but after that I got email that my account is deactivated. I received two email same day from help desk one saying account deactivated and other saying send a... Continue Reading

the Source deactivated me!!

I submitted a request for a job and then my account was deactivated. I have never worked for them before and they offered no explanation as to why. No response to my inquiry either. Bummer... Continue Reading

Does Ath Power deactivate you?

I am trying to figure out what may have happened with me and Ath Power. I never had major problems with them...they asked for clarification a few times. Now when I apply for jobs, I don't get them. The job sits on the job board and gets bonused. If... Continue Reading

Ellis deactivation

After 10 years and 700+ shops Unexpected email from Ellis: Ellis Partners has made the decision to no longer utilize your services as an independent contractor. I have removed you from any current shop contracts. Please discontinue any efforts to complete further work. Your account has been inactivated. my reply an explanation would be... Continue Reading

MF deactivated me (resolved)

Update: They found my receipt and reinstated my account. I got an email today saying that my MF account was deactivated because one of my receipts (for a location more than 100 miles from my home) had not been verified. They paid me for the shop and this is the... Continue Reading

Marketforce deactivation

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SeeLevelHX Deactivated

HI, I have not idea why but I have been deactivated by SeeLevel. I have done 122 shops with them and have an average rating of 9. I have never had any issues with my shops that I have been made aware of. I have emailed a couple of the schedulers but... Continue Reading

Marketforce deactivated me

So I've been shopping with Marketforce for about 8 years now. My mom about 9 years, my husband for 4 years, and my sister signed up this year. I have always enjoyed working with them and they have fairly good shops. About a month ago my sister called me to... Continue Reading

JMRidgway Shows deactivated

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Market Force Account Deactivated: Have not completed even one assignment!

I signed up with Market Force beginning of this year and I never heard back from them. One day I decided to email them about my account. A couple of emails were exchanged and they decided to deactivate my account. Below is what was said. [quote=John] Hi, I could not log into my... Continue Reading

MF - Am I being deactivated?

I cannot search for new shops on the website. I did a fast casual burger shop last month and was paid on the 9th. No problem. Same thing with the theatre checks that were paid by cheque. I noticed this after I had booked a Smartphone shop, and I completed the... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth manually deactivated?

When I went to SS today this was on my main page You our account has been manually deactivated by HS Brands International. I have updated my information and I have e-mail them asking why my account has been deactivated. Has any one been deactivated and can they re activate my account? Thanks... Continue Reading

Deactivated after successfully completing over 500 shops?

Suddenly without warning I have been deactivated from the company I do the most shops for. I did 3 yesterday and entered 2 just fine but last night when I went to enter the third shop it would not let me. I am so confused and they will not... Continue Reading

Account was deactivted due to a false comment by the client's employee...

I did a bank shop and reviewed the interaction as short and rushed. The employee told her manager that I said I was in a hurry, which I did not. Now the mystery shop company has deactivated my account, even though I shopped successfully for them for over a year.... Continue Reading

Stop Emails or Deactivate from Prophet

I don't have much time to shop anymore and I want to stop the numerous emails from coming in. I'm changing my email settings or deactivating with those that don't have an option for the former. Does anyone know how to either stop the emails or deactivate from an MSC... Continue Reading

MF deactivate question

I am assuming I got the MF axe as when I logged in today I can't see new assignments. Am I supposed to complete the ones that I have coming up next week? They are still showing on my "log".... but geeze if you don't want me to work for... Continue Reading

Account manually deactivated by intellishop

Help! I am confused my account was deactivated with intellishop and I dont know what I did wrong I have did several shops with all good feedback and still awaiting payment.Will I be paid for my work even though it says account manually deactivated. And who can I email to... Continue Reading

How to Delete Account and not just Deactivate?

Does anybody have any advice on how to do this? I imagine I can edit my profile to something nonsensical and save it...but prefer to just have it deleted from their system. I don't trust a particular MSC with my info.... Thanks!... Continue Reading

MF Deactivation?

I know there's been some discussion previously on MF deactivating shoppers. Does anyone know, if that happens, what actually happens to your profile when you sign on? I had completed two shops with them and had signed up for two additional. I had to reschedule one of the additional shops I... Continue Reading

Deactivated Account for non-response questions

Okay, long story short-ish, last year, I did a shop (storage facility) with a company I had done only a few shops with before. In the end, my account was deactivated and I got very little information and no opportunity (that I saw) to avoid the situation. I'm not one... Continue Reading

Tech question - Marketforce and IP address, deactivation

My new roomie has started mystery shopping with Market Force. We obviously share the same IP address but different computers. I have heard in this forum of members being deactivated by MF for having the same IP address with 2 shoppers. Anyone out there care to give... Continue Reading

Marketforce deactivating shoppers?

Has anyone been deactivated by Marketforce? I got an email today stating that I had 3 or more errors in my submissions. I have been shopping for them for over 3 years. They didn't even let me know or give me a heads up.... Continue Reading

Deactivated by Market Force

Been a shopper for many years. Got an e mail to provide my phone number as they tried calling me and could not reach me. Just got a new cell and forgot to put it on the profile which was my fault I suppose. Responded to who wrote with my... Continue Reading

Market Force deactivation.

Market Force might be the largest MSC but the people who run it are garbage. They are similar to the clown candidates running for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage deactivation

I've been registered with Amusement Advantage for quite some time. I found out they only have one shop in my area (which I don't meet the requirements for). this morning I got an email saying that because I hadn't contacted them they were deactivating my profile. Is it worth... Continue Reading

Deactivated by Market Force - My Experience

(I am not going to criticize Market Force. I had a good experience with them while it lasted. My post is meant to inform other MF shoppers about my experience.) I performed many shops for Market Force. Last month I performed 30+ fast food shops. During my 3 years at Market... Continue Reading

Does anyone know how to fully deactivate Prophet system companies?

I know how to deactivate the other kind of website companies.... Continue Reading

Deactivated by MARKET FORCE

Market Force deactivated me. When I asked them why, they said they couldn't give me a reason. How rude! My husband has an account too, but he wasn't deactivated. We can't figure it out. It just makes no sense. Now I am having to shop on my husband's account, since he doesn't... Continue Reading

Service Check has just deactivated my account.

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Got deactivated today (Confero)

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Threatened by QC with deactivation - Followed by an apology

Shocked this morning to see QC at Darth Vader's MSC threatening me with deactivation and ordering me to do something immediately. Made no sense to me, but I was frightened. I felt sick. And confused. Minutes later another email from QC apologizing for the mistake above. Seems the first email was sent... Continue Reading

monterey mystery shopping (Deactivation?)

they deactivate since they said that tried to contact me since they had to edit my shops. I had no emails or phone calls from them asking for any information. I would have made any corrections that they would have wanted to made. Then some manager named... Continue Reading

Does a different IP address get you deactivated? Tech help.

My computer is old - 2007 Mac - and I am having problems uploading my piks. I have tried many browsers and nothing helps. I have a new job on Friday with a new company. I need to upload a few piks and was wondering if using... Continue Reading

Did I get deactivated?? (Market Force)

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Market Force Clarification - Why Good Shoppers are Deactivated

Asked this question of a former MF employee. I can't post what was told to me due to confidentiality, but the information I receieved was confirmed by this statement in the MF FAQ: 9. How many shops can I assign myself? ... we limit the overall number of shops someone can handle... Continue Reading

Account deactivated -- Second to None

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ath deactivated me...I don't understand what I did wrong

ath deactivated me because I was unable to provide clarification of a bank shop. I did the shop and reported everything correctly, but ath insists that I didn't do the shop. They said that I reported the time incorrectly. I was paid for the shop...why did they... Continue Reading

I'm pretty sure Market Force is going to deactive me...

I did an arch shop yesterday. The location was dirty, the food took a long time to receive, and the fries were room temperature. Even worse, the sandwich was so salty I couldn't eat it. I rated the visit as "Poor." I'm just waiting for the deactivation. ... Continue Reading

MarketForce Deactivating Accounts

I recently started shopping again and in Jan asked Marketforce to reactivate my account. They deactivated it again after 10 days. So on April 2nd I asked them to reactivate again. Every time I've checked they have only had [i][/i] and reveal gas audits, which... Continue Reading

Need help in understanding account manually deactivated?

Hi, I was trying to register for a company. They had a test as a precondition for approval. I did take it but according to the system I did not pass it in both attemtps. The test seemed to be an average test and I could not figure out what happened.... Continue Reading

I understand that my shopper account will be deactivated

That screening question always scares me off. I'm contemplating two shops today that both have that question in the screening. How serious is that?... Continue Reading

What does it mean to be deactivated?

I've noticed with some companies I've signed up that I've been deactivated. I don't know why they do this. Unless I've done something wrong, I don't see how this practice helps them get more shops done. Even if a shopper is not active with a company, how would deactivating a... Continue Reading

MF Keeps Deactivating My Account

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I understand my account may be deactivated

I've seen this in the screening before and always stopped, not accepting the shop. "I understand that *******blah, blah, blah****** my account may be deactivated" It always scared me from accepting the shop. Should I be? I don't want a mistake ruining a good thing.... Continue Reading

deactivation/social security

Today I was trying to get a copy of my credit report and I was thinking about it and I realized that my social security number is plastered at 40 different mystery shopping company websites. I am thinking of bailing on mystery shopping because of various reasons. (Mainly b/c I... Continue Reading

Maritz and deactivation ?

Hi everyone, Does anyone know if Maritz deactivates your account if you haven't worked for them in awhile? I did some work for them awhile back. I just checked their job board and got nothing, which seems strange as there is usually something available. Thanks in advance...... Continue Reading

Asked for my first deactivation.....

Today I asked for my first deactivation and I thought I would come here and post about it. Perhaps those more experienced than me can tell me if I went wrong, and where I may have gone wrong. Recently I did an audit at Bank of America for this particular... Continue Reading

Getting deactivated

So I was on Market Force looking for a few shops and noticed that I could not search for shops. I sent them an email asking about it and they said I had been deactivated. I just completed a shop for them last week! Apparently, there's something wrong with my... Continue Reading

How long before a MSC deactivate shoppers?

I am a new shopper. I just started signing up for MS companies around the end of December. I had trouble with my login for Market Force. When I requested help, I found out that I was deactivate because I haven't selected any shops. Has this happened... Continue Reading

Have your guys had your accounts deactivated without being notified?

Have your guys had your accounts deactivated without being notified?... Continue Reading

Have your guys had your accounts deactivated without being notified?

Have your guys had your accounts deactivated without being notified?... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing deactivating you for no reason?

So, I completed a couple shops for Sentry and then a couple weeks later I tried to log in and I find out they've deactivated me. I emailed them several times and they would not email me back. So I gave up and decided I did not want to work... Continue Reading

Do mystery shopping companies deactivate you if you do not shop for them in a certain amount of time?

I am a relatively new mystery shopper. I used to do grocery and restaurant shops for 2 companies 4 years ago, but was deactivated from lack of shopping. This time around I am much more serious about mystery shopping as I am a stay at home Mom and... Continue Reading

Uh...have I been deactivated??

I have been shopping for Bestmark for *ages*. Today I go to login, and my username and password don't work. I try using the "Click here to retrieve your account information" link, and it tells me that my email address does not exist. What? I sent an email to tech... Continue Reading

Deactivating from Companies using Prophet System

I have decided to stop shopping for awhile, and have been trying to deactivate all my accounts. I have been unable to discover a way to deactivate accounts in the prophet system. I tried just erasing my SSN and other such data on my profile, but it will... Continue Reading

Have I been deactivated?

I have shopped for MF for 7 years with no problems. Today I logged on and the select shops tab is gone. I have 8 shopps scheduled so far this month. I emailed the help desk. No reply so far. Is this their way of letting folks go?... Continue Reading

Market Force Problems/Deactivated???

Hi, I have been shopping for years... In November I got a notification thanking me for completing my 500th shop with MarketForce. Then about a week later they abruptly deactivated me with a copy and paste notice. I tried writing through their "Helpless Desk" and each response... Continue Reading

Fed up with Intellishop and have question about deactivating my account

I have finally reached the boiling point with Intellishop and want to deactivate my account with them. I did a shop for them recently, so I'm waiting on payment. If I deactivate now, will that in any way affect the payment I'm waiting on? I am so mad at... Continue Reading

CFA Deactivation

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National Shopping Service, anyone got deactivated and still owed their payments?

I am getting frustrated with NSS, and thought maybe others may have insights that could help me. - I have done assignments for them since 2007, NEVER have problems. In fact they are my favorite, until now. - Did 6 Pizza shop in Feb. A record, usually I do 2-3/month. I did... Continue Reading

CFA deactivated me. Any ideas on how to get the payment still owed to me?

I've been posting about the lighter assignment with them among other assignment issues with them lately. I had promised myself not to take anymore assignments with them, but I still had a few remaining from before. This morning I had messages from CFA rescheduling all of them. I know that... Continue Reading

Deactivate - why or why not?

My disclaimer - I've shopped about three years, and I've never been deactivated, nor have I deactivated myself. More than once, with more than one MSP, I've been incensed and believed I was wronged. In that case, I attempt to set matters right, then proceed, or I take... Continue Reading

Certified has deactivated me, and it's THEIR fault...

I'm just another casulaty of Certified. I had 2 pharmacy diabetic strip inventories schleduled. My daughter came down with strep, so I posted a message on my "message board" and updated my status. I never heard back. Of course, as soon as my daughter got well,... Continue Reading

Discussions of Deactivation

Don't know if that's even legal. Do NOT, repeat, NOT, take this as a sign that you can say you went, and just not go! You will be deactivated, 100% certainty. (Source). June 03, 2021

Thought nothing of it at first, because I did ask to be temporarily deactivated when they restarted shops. (Source). June 02, 2021

Please feel free to log in to review available assignments at your convenience ( If you no longer wish to be a shopper, you can have your account deactivated by emailing helpdesk@marketforce. (Source). June 02, 2021

..I've heard that this MSC will sometimes unexpectedly "deactivate" shoppers, and I don't want them to use my fee requests as a reason to deactivate me. (Source). May 28, 2021

I also worry about how much I should push for increased fees...I've heard that this MSC will sometimes unexpectedly "deactivate" shoppers, and I don't want them to use my fee requests as a reason to deactivate me. (Source). May 28, 2021

What you may be thinking of are posts that refer to shoppers being suddenly deactivated by Marketforce. (Source). May 27, 2021

clean master provides one free and helps out with speeding you phone up. but the best way to speed your phone up is to delete or deactivate bloatware which is applications that either your carrier or phone manufacturer has been paid to install on you phone. (Source). April 12, 2021

CHC was very upset and deactivated my account (incidently, this is the only MSC that has deactivated my account). (Source). March 31, 2021

finally got from Tores SIX days after my shop, and only after emailing both my scheduler and him TWICE for answers! It contained zero explanation for my non-payment and account deactivation, just a note to call him and stop making threats. (Source). March 28, 2021

I just deactivated my account and removed them from my saved contacts. (Source). March 24, 2021