Report/Review Question

Where will I be sending in reports/photos/invoices?
Do I scan and email them back to my scheduler?
Will there be a file that I can download, such a check list, or performance review, for my shops?

I'm struggling to surf through all the "When/How will I get paid questions" when I can't seem to figure out how to send in my reports. I realize if I want to be compensated for my work, I have to do it correctly. However, I am finding it difficult to easily access the resources required to do so.

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Almost all reports are submitted online at the company's website. After accepting an assignment, there almost always are guidelines to download and you can usually download and review the report form.
The online form will have questions for you to answer and, many times, places for comments. There will be a part where you upload the pictures that you have saved to your computer, and or pictures of your receipts. When you have filled it all out and uploaded any photos, you click submit, and it goes to the right person. You then need to check your email frequently for the next couple of days in case they have questions about your report.

Thanks to all the forum members!
I see the PDF for guidelines but I see no PDF for the review form or a link for submitting a report/photo/receipt.
It's frustrating because my shop is tomorrow and it's my first one.
Every company is slightly different. Without giving more information about the company, no one can give you more specific help. Have you contacted the scheduler?
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