Service Check report issues...

I did my first Service check shop over the weekend. It was a simple movie theater shop. I submitted my report and got back a message today asking to clarify my report. I understood the things she asked me to clarify, but at the end she put: Please note for all comments throughout the report you need to use complete sentences, with proper punctuation and capitalization. The only answers I gave that weren't complete sentences was where my answer was yes and it asked me to clarify my NO answer. It wouldn't let me skip them so I just put "answer was yes". This is my report:


Anyone see where I went wrong?

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There are some spelling and punctuation errors. Not a big deal, but know Service Check is a picky company. It just means your score will be a bit lower. CanadaMommy is right, you should not post the entire report on the site. The report is the property of the MSC.

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Yes, I see spelling errors, awkward sentence structure, and poor grammar, and it required editing. I'm sure it lowered your grade. It sounds as though your report was accepted, though.

If I were you, I would edit my post and remove the report information.
Sorry canadamommy, this is my first post, I wasn't aware of the rules I just thought it would be helpful to read what I had written. I didn't think about it being their property, it was removed for me though, so I hope all is good...

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I guess I wrote it like I would say it aloud. I spell checked it with their spell checker, this was my first report, so I really wasn't aware how perfect it needed to be. My usual shops are through apps and just simple fill in forms, not so much narrative. I'll try to do better next time. IF I get another chance.... I hope this doesn't keep me from doing any other shops.
Welcome to the forums. You have come to the right place for help and support.

There are very few rules, but one is not to reveal information covered by our Independent Contractor agreements. That means not revealing which MSC has which client and also not posting any product that belongs to the MSC and/or client by contract or law. These things also cannot be revealed in privaye messages/emails, of course.

We all make mistakes, and not just as newcomers to the forum. No harm done as it was quickly removed.

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Thanks so much! Im sorry, I went to take it off today but it was already gone. I know now, so it wont happen again!
Not to worry... all good.... and ask questions anytime.
We all started at report number one! It actually does get easier. Even with roadbumps!

@JCHwifey wrote:

Thanks so much! Im sorry, I went to take it off today but it was already gone. I know now, so it wont happen again!
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