Couple questions about first shop report

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I just completed my first shop and submitted my report to SteriCycle. How long until I know the report was accepted or not?

Also, after leaving the shop, I realized I forgot to take a needed picture. I was only a minute away, but being unfamiliar with the area, I made some wrong turns and basically took the scenic route and now the time stamps on my photos are about 25 minutes apart. Is that an issue?

I was also unsure how much detail to put into the open-ended questions. For example, I had pointed out the minor cleanliness issues in the several multiple choice questions and also with a picture I had taken, but at the end of the section there was an open-ended question basically asking the same thing. I wasn't sure exactly what to put without looking nearly apathetic and saying "There was trash in the corner," or is that something that is acceptable unless there was an issue that needed addressed? I felt as though the answers to the multiple choice and the picture fully covered the minor issue and no other explanation was needed, but I couldn't submit the report with some text in the box.

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Let the client decide what is an issue that needs to be addressed by giving th"em full, unbiased, information. If there was "trash" in the corner, what did it consist of? Be specific and objective, as in, There were paper scraps and dried leaves in the corner of the back hall, near the back door." Or, "A trash recepticle had apparently overflowed, so there was debris of unknown nature beside it in the corner near the front door," or, "What looked like a used diaper was in the corner near the condiments bar." I would avoid calling things "trash;" describe what it is instead.

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Hi Autumn_B,

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It's been a while for me with Stericycle, but if I remember correctly (and they haven't changed) in a day or three they will send you an email giving the grade and you can find it on your shop history. Hopefully, the 25 minute delay is not a problem. However, it is always best when possible to tell them in advance about a little hiccup such as that. Sometimes there is not room in the form so an email to the scheduler is the best option.

As for your trash description question, wales does a great job answering it.

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