Sassie Shop SSN Verification Time

Hi, I've been signed up for multiple Sassie Shop websites for about 10 days now. I have a few scheduled shops coming up soon and my SSN still isn't verified. The websites all say that it will be verified from as soon as instantly and can take up to 3-7 days. Its been 10 days.

Has anyone else had the same experience with your SSN taking longer than the week to become verified?

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Mine took over two weeks; perhaps close to three. However, I'm an immigrant and so I assumed that may have increased the verification time. Maybe not though.
Mine has always been verified immediately. I also usually see a note that says that the verification is not required but may be required in the future. You can still do your shops without the SSN being verified, so don't stress the delay. They really only need this info if you earn above a certain threshold at the end of the year (so that they can report the earnings to the IRS).

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The MSC is going to report what they pay you regardless of how much it might be, just like you have to report the income. The threshold of $600 dictates whether they will be required to send a 1099.

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While my verification was pending, it said that I could not be paid until it was verified. But with rare exception, the MSCs don't pay within 2-3 weeks anyway.
I have found that if you enter your name exactly as it is on your birth certificate, and your address exactly as the usps wants it, you won't have any trouble. If your name is david, for ex. and you use dave, it will not be approved. If your birth cert. has your middle name or initial, you need to use it to verify your ss # .
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