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I have done a few grocery stores with $10 reimbursement through Market Force. Hypothetically speaking, if I am required to make a deli purchase and it comes to only five dollars, can I use the remaining five dollars to purchase additional but unrelated items? Or should I simply make a ten dollar deli purchase to maximize the reimbursement? Thanks in advance for any insight you may have!

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I typically wouldn't buy meats and cheeses from the deli. I usually buy a few slices of something, to meet the requirement. The rest of the $10 is spent on whatever I want.
Just be sure to check your guidelines closely. They can vary. There are times I have had no required purchases, and sometimes there are two.
Thanks for the replies. I usually have one purchase necessary (specific, like a sub sandwich) then sometimes an additional one (for instance, a special request of meat). You were both very helpful and I appreciate the time you took to ease my mind!
Welcome to the forum brothbart8! You are obviously doing the same stores that Mert and I do. Some rounds there may be no special purchase required in the department with the special request so the recent shops with 2 purchase requirements eventually balance out. Like Mert, when there is a purchase requirement I buy a couple of slices of meat or cheese in Deli, a small cluster of grape or handful of green beans to have a package broken in produce, 8 shrimp to make 'a little shrimp cocktail', 2 Italian sausages in meat or half a pound of ground beef in meat. Of course if there is a really good sale in the department I will get something larger, but usually sale items in the rest of the store are better values on which to use the majority of my $10. And don't forget this store accepts coupons and also competitors' coupons and MF allows you to use them on shops.
Thank you all for the warm welcome! This forum really has helped me tremendously already and I know it will continue to be a help. I've learned so much just from reading all the various topics daily.

Thanks for the heads up about not needing to purchase large increments of, say, deli meats. I am hoping that just buy doing a few grocery shops a week that I can stretch my food budget. Because of that, it would certainly be more useful to shop the sales and COUPON (a favorite pasttime of mine!).

Thanks again for the help. I am feeling really positive about my mystery shopping experience so far! I plan to soon venture out past grocery shops soon but am trying to learn as much as possible before doing so.
Welcome! We love to see that folks are reading and learning from other shoppers' experiences. You are off to a good start. And, grocery shops really can make a dent in your monthly bills! A of those reimbursed groceries are worth more than the $10, since there is no tax on the reimbursement! I haven't paid for an oil change since 2005!

A nice way to expand may be to try a few bank shops of the sort where you just interact with a teller, to start. Modest fees but you don't have to lay out any funds and wait for reimbursement and there is minimal role-playing required. Also, you can then move up to somewhat better bank shop fees by doing ones where you sit down with a banker at desk to ask about loans or other services. These can hep you build confidence and provide the sort of track record that will permit you to qualify for better shops with those MSCs.

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Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
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That is a great suggestion, walesmaven. I'll definetly look into that! So far Ive only applied to and accepted jobs from the one MSC so I plan to take this weekend to expand to other MSCs. Hopefully then Ill see those banking jobs you speak of!
I suggest that you do a search on "banks" for the last 6 months on the forum. I suggest that look for assignments that do not require a phone call, waiting for a package to arrive and THEN a visit to the bank.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.

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Another tip to help you on some of the shops that you are venturing into. I signed up to do a hardware shop when I was starting out. I read the guidelines, was not comfortable with the scenario and to remember what I needed to say. I did a practice-run at a different hardware store location a few days prior to my shop date. The practice-run helped me on the weak spots and built confidence for my shop.
yes I would like the job shopping for food that some thing I like to do is it the job in bowling green ky that where I live .

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I do another grocery with purchasing 1/4 pd. of Boars head deli, which totals around 2.40. The balance of my 12.00 can be used for anything I like. I (of course) always go over, but with the 5.00 fee it seems to work out,
getting 70 of my groceries and household needs paid for. They have many in my town, no driving and I do 3 or 4 a weekend. I shop these stores anyway, so, definitely money in my pocket.

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Over the past few months, these grocery shops have become such a budget saver for me! I now routinely receive calls for last minute shops and, like others have said, I need groceries regardless. This week alone, I did two shops for $60 and $30, plus reimbursement.

I appreciate all the advice and help I have been given here on the forum. My full time job drastically cut my hours and my only saving grace was MS. Grocery and bank shops pay my bills while the restaurant shops provide our entertainment. I honestly don't know how I would have provided such a nice Christmas/birthday for my son if I hadn't begun MS this summer.
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