writting a report

I am new to mystery shopping. I am having the most difficult time writing my reports. And my first language is french. So its hard for me. Is there any samples of written report available?

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Some MSCs offer sample reports as part of their training information. Take a look at the FAQs and other resources the various ones offer. Different companies have different requirements, so if they don't have examples the best you can do is pay attention to feedback editors may send you. Writing reports for mystery shopping is a different experience than almost any other form of writing. You need to provide fact, not opinion. You need to provide specifics. Frequently a rewording of the question is how you need to respond.
Google "writing mystery shopping reports" and some MSC examples (Customer Impact, Reality Based Group, etc.) show up. Avoid the sites that are work from home blogs because some of their examples are questionable.

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Also, do not use contradictions (if that is the correct word for it) of any kind. For example, I didn't see a manager. You would write- I did not see a manager.
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