Haggling with Schedulers?


I'm relatively new to mystery shopping and I'm trying to learn more about negotiating a better shop fee. From what I'm reading on this forum it seems that mystery shoppers will sometimes request more money for a shop. Are there any "rules" to doing this? Do you have a strategy for estimating how much you can get for a particular shop? Thanks for your help!

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As with any negotiation, there are no 'rules' per se, just rather being reasonable.

Negotiations generally work best soon before the shop is due and no shopper has accepted the work. This happens most frequently at the end of the month and at the end of the quarter. Know where the shop is and read the shop 'blurb' as well as around the forum to see if you can determine what the shop entails. Then when a scheduler calls or emails you for a shop that is 15 miles away that they are willing to pay you $5 to do, you can suggest an amount that is more appropriate because you will have at least 30-45 minutes of drive time, plus doing and reporting the shop. "Because of the distance I could do that job for you on Tuesday for $40." The first price you mention should be more than fair to you but not outrageous. If the scheduler thinks it is outrageous or just can't pay that, they will end the call. If you are somewhere in the realm of the possible they are likely to come back with a suggestion of $20. If $20 makes the work unfair to you but $30 would be fair, mention it.
I don't really get bonused here in L.A. as it's supply in demand, and we have tons of shoppers. Today I did a job that paid 30.00. I knew it would be a lot of work, and said, "I'll do it for 75.00", low and behold, the scheduler said o.k. Who knew it would be that easy. Figure your time, if it's a difficult job like a dealership.
I had to travel 60 miles, so, I felt justified in asking that. Turned out it was 2 hours at dealership, travel time,
report.....you will learn as time goes by, there are no rules, common sense, time spent and difficulty of job.
Have jobs under your belt first, don't be greedy......

Live consciously....
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