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OK. So, I know that I will need to consult a tax person, but I would like to find out if anyone knows exactly what milage I can use as deductions from my profit from a shop.
I know that if I am doing a shop, and only a shop or shops, all of those miles count.
However, I often do shops in other scenarios. If you know the answer to any of these, I'd appreciate it so I can properly track the miles for next year's taxes.

1. I stop at one or two places that are exactly on my route home from my regular full time job,
2. I stop to do some shops after work, but have to take a detour and drive extra miles I wouldn't normally drive.
3. I am going somewhere that is let's say about 2 hours away. This is the main purpose of the trip. On the way home, I stop and do several shops that take me off of my normal route home.
4. I go on a trip (vacation). Sometime during this trip, I do a few shops here or there. Travel for this trip is all driving.

Thanks in advance

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This is a tricky area. But generally, if you travel primarily for personal resons, you can deduct only the extra miles needed for traveling to the shops. If you travel primarliy for business, you can deduct everything except the extra miles needed for the personal trips.

Mixing shops with commuting to a regular job gets even trickier. You can safely deduct the extra miles needed for the shops. There also is a rule about traveling between your main job and other job sites, but that gets really deep in the weeds and you should consult a good professional about that.
I sometimes Google Map directions from my house to the shop location (or route of shops) and back home. I start my shop mileage log at the correct odometer reading and use the Map mileage as my official amount.

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I use the app Everlance it is 19.99 a month but it track miles stop to stop. You then swipe left for personal or right for work. It is address to address. I also Uber so I can also categorize the miles by Uber or mystery shop. It keeps several years worth of records. Well worth the 19.99.
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