I am a new shopper. I live in Azerbaijan. I want to find shopping jobs here.

Hello. My name is Fuad. I am a new shopper. I live in Azerbaijan. I have completed many evaluations successfully. I want to find shopping jobs here. Thank you.

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Most of the shoppers that use this website live in the US. Canada is probably second. Occasionally we get requests for the name of MSCs (mystery shopping companies) that have shops in Europe or Asia, and a few people will contribute the names of those MSCs. This forum is in general, not a place where jobs are posted, although Schedulers can post jobs on the Job Board section: [www.mysteryshopforum.com]

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Coyle Hospitality, a well established U.S. based company, has shops in AZR.

You might also look into Bimpact and ERA Marketing, two local firms, but I cannot speak one way or another as to their legitimacy,
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