Intelli-Shop Infiniti test drive - URGENT QUESTION


I had an early morning car service appointment run late. I am scheduled to perform a mystery shop at a local Infiniti dealer by 1pm today (6/25), but I obviously can't complete by a time that has already passed. The dealership is open until 6pm, so I can still complete -- but I don't want to drive all the way out there and then have my report rejected because of the 1pm deadline.

I contacted the scheduler, but have yet to hear back. Should I perform the shop anyways, or wait for the scheduler to get back to me?

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If they gave you a specific date and time frame, I would not do it outside of that date and time frame without clearance from them. No matter how perfect the shop might be otherwise, it could reasonably be rejected because you did not follow the time line. There is no way of knowing what the purpose is/was of their time frame--a particular manager on duty? traffic at the dealership in those hours? performing it before the accounting folks left for the day?

You screwed up by not being there when you agreed to be there. Throw yourself on their mercy for a reschedule. And yes, you have a reason, just make sure they know it was a personal appointment that ran late rather than a shop for another MSP that got out of hand. Schedulers seem to think that if you are 'serious', their work will always come first.
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