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Hi. Welcome! There is a list of companies at the bottom of this page. Start signing up with the companies you wish. The link at the bottom of the page is: Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Go to the new mystery shoppers page. There is an entire post telling you how to get started. It can be overwhelming at first. My suggestion.. make an email account just for mystery shopping. The emails can also take over sometimes.
@connie12 wrote:

New Mystery Shopper page brings me right back to this page, unless I'm doing something wrong.

It should bring you to a page that has a bunch of pinned posts. I linked the best ones below that tell you how to get started.



@connie12 wrote:

How do I get started, what is the process

I sent you a DM. Contact me through DM if you want to do a Q&A.

Just be cool folks.
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