What are the best mystery hopping companies near Seattle WA

I just started my first gig was a field agen side at 7-11 for Red Bull. I did 5 jobs and didn't get paid. I get the feeling a lot of their jos are rigged so they don't have to pay out. Like the scavenger hunts, from what I have seen the UPC given is not the actual UPC so again no payment. Plz can someone help me with a good company to start with. I got really discouraged after field agent. I live close to Seattle, Tacoma WA to b precise...Also any tips for said companies would be great. thank you

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Try Ipsos. It has hundreds of shops as a start. The mystery shopping excel file lists all the MSCs available. Apply to several every day and you'll start getting emails for shops in your area.

I never do scavenger hunts on FA. It is basically the manufacturer checking to see if the retailer has pulled out inventory that shouldn't be on the shelves anymore.
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