MSC's OR the shops name?

Quick question from someone brand new- I have done less than a dozen so far. I just want to make sure when I post something here I am doing things the right way.

From what I gather, you can discuss (respectfully) a MSC OR you can mention (again respectfully) a certain shop/business by name.....but never combine the two in a topic here. Is this correct? Thanks, I have learned so much just by reading this forum.

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yes you can discuss you did a shop for MSC Secret McSecretFace at that machine store
OR you can discuss you did a shop with a MSC at Typewrites R Us BUT
you can not discuss you did a shop for Secret McSecretFace at Typewriters R Us.
You can mention anything, mostly, but don't put the MSC and the client together.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
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