Introducing myself


My name is Anna and I'm pretty new to the mystery shopping thing. I started signing up for companies the end of November 2008 and have been hooked since!

I live in Nashville, TN and we're new to the area, originally from Missouri (all over).

I have an 8 month old baby who I take along on most of the shops, so I'm often limited with which ones I can do.

I guess I'm mystery shopping for a little extra money, and so that my hubby and I can have a social night. Whats better than free dinner out?

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Hello Anna,

My name is Regina and I live in Westchester County, New York. I signed up with Mystery Shopping Companies at the end of October and November. I think it is exciting going different places. Also, I have been able to bring my boyfriend on a few as well.
Hi Regina! Yeah I enjoy the ones where we can go out to eat, I can justify spending the money, because we're basically coming out even after being reimbursed for my meal and then paid for me to do the shop, which we spend on his meal. Oh and our baby, but we just bring her cheerios or give her something off of our plate, it won't be long though and we'll have to do something else.
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