Newbie from Oklahoma-Hey, nice to be here

Yes, I am a real newbie. Just the third post and the first 2 were in the wrong place! LOL! I live in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma. I've always heard about this
industry but never actually applied and pursued a position in it. I really want this. It's the right step in my life right now.

I've read a few other "gold" members posts. It sounds like it's very exciting to
be a Shopper. Looks like it is also serious business and requires a variety of skills. From what I can tell each "client" can require different things from the shopper. I have good instincts and skills, that I am sure will require direction and fine tuning from the company.

Anybody else wondering what it's going to be like?

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Welcome newbie! smiling smiley

In this business you get to hit the floor running because most companies don't want to give you more instruction than their general 'training' and the instructions that come with your job. So useful skills to run your business include:

accountant, collection agency, secretary, scheduler, actor, negotiator, photographer, computer geek, writer and route dispatcher.

And yes the requirements for every company are the same yet different and for each client within the same company are the same yet different. And once you have down a particular client with a particular company, the client may change companies and/or the requirements may change. Keeps you on your toes smiling smiley
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