Hello, Tabitha here from Bare International

Hello all.

I have joined this community in order to learn more about the triumphs and issues shoppers face in the spirit of creating even more positive experiences with our company.

This forum has a great deal of insight to provide and works as a great place to share pertinent information with the shopper community at large.

So hello and thank you for all that you do smiling smiley

Tabitha H. Barbarito
Office Coordinator Bare International

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Welcome, Tabitha,

I admire you for joining the forum and for announcing your presence. (clapping) I personally like Bare a lot and am interested in the questions members ask you as well as the information you provide. smiling smiley


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Hello "stilllearning" and thank you very much for the kind welcome smiling smiley

I am happy to be here and looking forward to being an active and positive member of the community.
Bare International was my introduction to mystery shopping (after a lapse of many years). I received a suspicious email purporting to be from BI. Never having heard of you at that time, and not being able to come check out the Forum like I could now, I decided to google the name and see what I could find. Lo and behold, Bare International had a decent looking website. "Maybe the email is legitimate." I think. I telephone them and discover that alas, the email is a scam as I originally suspected but, after telling me that, the person on the other end of the telephone asked me if I wanted to do some mystery shopping for them and, as they say, the rest is history.
I very much enjoyed completing shops for Bare International and would be doing so still if they still had those shops in my area.
I like Bare too. I'm sorry I missed meeting Mike at ShopperFest last weekend.

Welcome Tabitha! smiling smiley
Hello and Greetings to Bena and HeatherB ! smiling smiley

Thank you both for your positive comments regarding Bare and for your welcoming comments !

I am sorry to hear you haven't been in close proximity to any of our shops lately Bena, keep checking that job board, you never know when something may pop up.

I heard great things about ShopperFest HeatherB, happy you were able to attend !

All the best and happy shopping to the both of you !
I really wish Bare would provide a phone number so I can discuss an assignment. I email then have to wait ages for a reply

Greetings, if you need to discuss an assignment directly with a project manager, I would advise you to ask them to give you a direct call or ask them to provide their extension number to you.

We are always open to assisting in anyway we can to offer more efficient responses.

You can also dial our main line at 1 (800) 296-6699 and ask for the project manager you would like to speak to. You can then be directly transferred to the appropriate project manager.

Hope that helped smiling smiley
I have only done one shop with Bare but am really hoping to do more. I would love to do more postal shops to establish myself in order to get higher end shops, but unfortunately these are only posted in my area a couple days before the due date and I either have my weekend booked with other shops or I cannot get off work on such short notice to do a route during the week. If they were posted a week ahead and the limit of shops allowed per day were raised to 6 or so, I would be happy to take a day off my day job and do a route.
Hello VickyS,

First and foremost let me say many thanks for your interest in doing more shops with Bare !

I apologize that the shops you are hoping for are not showing for you with more notice.

These types of nuances are going to be best explained and discussed with the relevant project managers.

Please email the project manager associated with the shops directly.

If you are not able to locate the project manager's email, I am happy to assist with that too.

You can email me directly with the state in which you are attempting to shop and I will be able to forward you the correlating project manager's email address.

Thank you for your inquiry and all the best!

Happy Shopping !

Tabitha Barbarito
Office Coordinator
My problem with Bare is it won't let me upload with Firefox. I did one shop years ago for a steak place and got a well done but never saw any shops around here for while after that. Now I am going more active again I am seeing some shops and just did one today.
Welcome to the forum Tabitha.
Hello yawarakai,

Thank you for welcoming me to the forum smiling smiley

I am so glad you are choosing to shop more actively with Bare as of late !

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Firefox and our system. Occasionally some browsers do work better than others. I would suggest trying Google Chrome or Internet Explorer alternatively.

All the best,

Tabitha Barbarito
Office Coordinator Bare International
Hello Tabitha,

I have just signed up with BI, I am based in the UK.
Is there an office in the UK that I can liaise with?

Best wishes,

Liza M.
Hello Liza M.

Apologies for my delay in response.

Thank you for choosing to shop with Bare!

We most certainly do have an office in the UK, I am happy to not only direct you to the office in general but to give you a direct line of contact within the office.

I invite you to correspond with me directly via email tbarbarito@bareinternational.com

All the best,
Hello Tabitha,
I did my first 3 shops for BARE last week. My score were two 10/10 and one 9/10. (I got another 10 for a job yesterday.) One particular BARE scheduler sent many emails trying to get someone to do an assignment by Thursday 1-22 where we would be required to make a purchase, then return it.
The store is 3 miles from my home. When no one accepted it, she sent out an email saying that a purchase was now optional. The scenario was to choose a product, see if the sales person offered a warranty, then take it to the cashier and see if the cashier offered a warranty. The instructions said that after the cashier rang it up, we were to pretend we left our credit cards at home.
I emailed her and told her I would do the assignment if no purchase was required. I then accepted it on your site and it was in my shop log. She sent me an email asking me to accept it and I told her I had done that and it was in my shop log. I completed the shop 2 days ago, Wednesday, which was a day earlier than required and submitted my report that evening. Today she sent me an email saying my report was not accepted because I had not made a purchase.
She also sent me an email asking me to do it by tomorrow, same store, same scenario, only now there is a bonus. I emailed her and tried to call her but she may have left for the day. I called the main number and was told to wait until Monday for an answer. I know some schedulers check their email after hours and weekends. I would think she would be checking to see that this assignment is done by tomorrow. As of now, 3:22pm PST, the job is still available and due tomorrow.
My question is how does BARE respond when the scheduler is wrong?
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