New with questions on shops, and specifically BARE

I am fairly new to mystery shopping and I am trying to set up an account with BARE.
I am a little nervous they are asking for all of my banking information up front during the intial set up process.
Can anyone give me any feedback if this is a safe and routine practice in setting up an account like this?

I would like to set up with companies that are active and have Shops to select every day. Some seem rather inactive. Can anyone direct me to a couple of the more active companies, please?

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Hi @karenshops - I understand your concern about providing your banking information.
You can choose another method to be paid, but most of our evaluators have always preferred Direct Deposit and this is why this information is on the application. Feel free to message me if you need assistance.
Thank you.

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Some of us use PayPal. They need the information for making Direct Deposits. I do shop for Bare Int. never had any problems.
Thank you @johnb974

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Thank you all for the input. I am a big fan of direct deposit, but just handing over my banking information to a company online where I have yet to have any direct interaction with from the start was leaving me a bit on edge, but am feeling better about it.
The members of this forum are very helpful, and I am sure in a few minutes you will get more responses to put your mind at ease.

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I have done Bare shops for 13 years with no problems with my bank account. Asking banking info is routine and what they get for direct deposit would not be sufficient to remove money from your account. Remember, they send you a check and you endorse and deposit it, anyone will see your account number. And anyone can get the routing number of a bank since that is pretty much public.

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I'll chime in for further support: Bare International is a fine company and you can trust them with your banking information.

Overall, the companies listed in the link at the bottom of this page are honest, vetted companies. In order to pay you legally, they need information such as your social security number and, if you want direct deposit, your banking information.

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Thanks everyone.
I did sign up and gave the information.
And now there are no Shops that I can do at the moment.
@karenshops - Bare releases their evaluations with a short window of completion. You can email the scheduler and request a date that works for you. Please let me know if you have any questions. We are happy to have you!

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