New from New York City

I had heard of mystery shopping but until January 2019, I hadn't heard about the power and possibility in it for creating an independent home based business quickly starting from near zero.

I'm excited to be in this business. I'm excited to be here in this forum. I'm excited to be alive and well.

H Brown

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Welcome to the forum. There are quite a few shops in NYC. Read the forum to get an idea of what kinds of shops you'd like to do and companies you'd like to work for. Then join them. There is a list at the bottom of the home page. What part of the city are you in ?
Good luck! There is a lot in the city but it gets competitive. Bonuses pop up more in parts of the outer boroughs where you really need a car. Though I still get good use out of an unlimited to get through parts of the Queens and the Bronx.

If you go hardcore, you will know more about getting around NYC than anyone else.
Hey~ I'm also a new shopper living in NY and also new to NY, so it's interesting. I'm enjoying the freedom of the flexible schedule and learning about the city as I make some money. If it weren't for the sake of anonymity it would be interesting to meet up and share tips. Good luck to you!! Happy shopping everyone.
Thanks 7Star and I'll definitely check out the shops in the forum. I'm based in The Bronx, NY

H Brown
Hello and Welcome!
In addition to taking a look at the link to the company list at the bottom of the page, you might find the pinned messages in the "New Shoppers" area of the forum helpful. It has a tremendous amount of information that can really help to give you a good overview of the mystery shopping world.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Hi 1Cent, I'm actually in the Bronx, an outer borough.

Guess what I discovered for myself and my life after having lived in NYC over 30 years?

For over 30 years, I relied exclusively on the NYC MTA subway system for routine transportation needs. It worked beautifully.

But when I started mystery shopping I realized real quick the subway didn't go to every NYC corner. That was when I discovered my discovery.

I was almost in shock to discover that the NYC MTA bus system actually works in fact. What was I thinking?

Let's just say that in the course of my discovery, the image I had of bus people being an older, frailer and retired, very slow crowd was completely disappeared.

No, I'd still rather the subway. I find it more reliable. But the bus system does work. I don't even need a car.

What I need are a metrocard, my smart phone and Googe Maps. I plug in my destination address and the lady in the phone tells me which bus to catch when and where.

She guides me through the journey and even tells me at what point to get off the bus and so on..

Beautiful! I don't even need a car.

H Brown
I am the opposite, I prefer the bus over the subway. Riding the bus gives you a free tour of the city. In conjunction to Google Maps I use the Transit app which also gives you fair warning when your stop is being approached. MTA also has an app called 'MYmta'. I don't utilize it much, but it is available to use smiling smiley
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