New in Sweden

I'm new at this, has only done it since Nov 2018 in Sweden.

I'm wondering one thing, if you register at a new company do you tell them that you have done mystery shopping before? I just saw in a companys writing that they do not want you to work for any other company as a mystery shopper?

Are there any more members from Sweden here?

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Welcome! In the US and Canada, the MS companies treat us as independent contractors or self-employed (except in one US state). That means that they cannot demand that we work for only one MS company. However, I do not know if that is also the case in Sweden. Swedish labor law may be quite different. However, if you have worked for 2 or more companies in Sweden and those did not have that requirement, it may just be that one company is different. There is an organization called the International Mystery Providers Association ,which is made up of MS companies that work in multiple countries. They may be able to provide more information.

Most here are from the USA and Canada, with a few members from many other countries. But, I do not know how many are from Sweden.

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