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I am brand new to mystery shopping. I have not done any shops yet. I tend to research things for a long time before beginning. So, I'm joining this forum to learn more and to hopefully get myself out of analysis paralysis. I'm based in the KC metro area.


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Check I see 314. Jump in, best you can do is learn by doing. Welcome!

1. There is a "New Shoppers" area on this forum. Read the pinned items - there is a huge amount of information about the mystery shopping world there.
2. Linked at the bottom of this page is a list of over 200 legitimate mystery shopping companies. Start with the "15 Most Discussed" as they are larger companies with shops all over. Register yourself with one at a time and check their job boards. If you really get into this, you will find yourself registered with well over 100 companies.
3. When you see a shop on a job board that you want, request it through the job board. When you get an email notifying you that you have been assigned, read the guidelines, follow them, do your report online, and get paid several weeks later.

This is not hard. However, it is a bit tedious, especially at first while you are spending a lot of time signing up for new companies. As you have questions, feel free to post them here. You are almost certain to get a myriad of responses.

Good Luck and Welcome!

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
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