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Hi all! Barb here from Naperville, IL a western suburb of Chicago. I am really new to Secret Shopper. It seems like every time i post for a job "on the board" another company or other is having me register with them in order to post for that particular shop. Is this usual - to keep filling out oooyou do the job, observing'Is there any material on line that might help me better undersrand Secret Shoppers ?

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Hi Barb!

It sounds like you have applied for jobs through a scheduling service (CTCSS, KSS) and not the actual mystery shopping company. The scheduling services effectively match shoppers up with jobs. However, they don't actually supply the job. You have to be registered for the company that actually supplies the job in order to be assigned. This can be confusing to new shoppers - it was to me.

The good news is that this forum is the best online resource for learning about mystery (secret) shopping! I suggest that you first take a look at the "New Shoppers" area on this forum. It has a number of pinned messages that will really give you a sense of what the mystery shopping world is all about - as well has how to get yourself going. Thereafter, register for companies. There is a list of over 200 linked at the bottom of this page. If you start with the "15 Most Discussed," you'll find yourself with some of the largest companies with work nationwide.

You can also ask questions on this forum and likely get multiple responses within a few hours. '

Welcome and Good Luck!

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