Latest SCAM I almost got involved in!!!

I received checks and mystery shopping information from a Mary Bywater, Rick Walter and a Thank goodness my credit union is responsible. The checks and info are a SCAM. They were for Walgreens and Office Depot which are not member companies of MSPA-Americas a legitimate company and the company I thought I was doing business for. NOT!!

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Well done. Not all legitimate MS companies are MSPA members. Therefor, the shopper forum member reviews and comments about legitimate MS companies posted on the forum may be more reliable than that list. BUT you did spot a scam! The scammers try to hide behind the names and logos of REAL MS companies.

If you are sent a check before you do any work, that is a sure sign of a SCAM.

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Thank you for your encouraging comments walesmaven. I have worked in the corporate world for over 30 years and then owned my own successful business for over 15 years. Thought I could spot a SCAM but it took the combined effort of my credit union and me to spot this one!!
KaKrazy - BT, the companies you listed, Walgreens and Office Depot, would have been the clients of mystery shopping companies. They would never be members of MSPA. Only some of the MS companies belong to MSPA, which is a trade and lobbying organization. MSPA does not conduct mystery shops.

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