Hi from South Carolina!!

I’m so glad to be here! I’ve been a sporadic secret/mystery shopper for years. I have a vague memory of doing a campus bookstore shop years ago where I had a paper form to complete. I can’t remember if I mailed or faxed it back, but know it definitely wasn’t online. Lol. I recently picked up a few shops with a company I’d signed up with a long time ago. Not sure how I heard of them. Probably a blog post. In a quick google search last weekend I found this amazing group and dove in headfirst. I’ve read through a lot of posts and signed up for some new companies. Did two shops for one new company this week. Have three shops tomorrow for three different companies. (One is the same as the others earlier this week, but the other two are completely new to me!) To say I’m thankful to all of you for this fabulous group is an understatement!! I’m blown away by the obvious collective knowledge here and the openness and generosity of the members. smiling smiley

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Welcome ! If you have not yet done many shops in recent years, you may want to go to the New Mystery Shoppers area and read the posts "pinned" to the top of the list there. Also, the Forum has very few rules, but please look at the Posting Guideline, on the right. We also like to stay a "politics and religion free" zone. We have a General Chat area, but even that steers clear, except for general good wishes for various holidays.

Most of all.... ENJOY !

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Thanks! Yes, I started with the New Mystery Shoppers section. It’s been most helpful. Like I said, I hadn’t ever done too much in the field, just a small dabble. I’m eager to get a lot more involved as I’d like to create a new stream of income to complement other aspects of my life.

I’m generally a religion and politics free person myself, so can easily agree to that. smiling smiley

Thanks for having me here!
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