Gregory Verrette

I am the product of many years experience in the world of retail.........After college I started as a trainee and eventually worked myself up to store manager within a multi million dollar store that eventually provided multi store supervision leadership....As a manager I have traveled across the country with experienced in all aspect's of the Apparel, Domestics, Hardlines, Electronics, Office supplies, furniture, etc.etc......I am retired now but
still have a passion for the retail business and looking for retail opportunities such as a
mystery shopper program to stay connected and out of the house so to speak.......

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Hi Greg, welcome to a forum of other mystery shoppers. It sounds like you have a great understanding of retail.
Are you looking to become a mystery shopper, then? There is a link to a list at the bottom of the page for MSCs (mystery shopping companies). You will have to apply for each company individually. There is another link for new shoppers that has a wealth of information you will find helpful. Welcome to our community!
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