New and really need some help

Hi, my name is Melissa and im new to mystery shopping. Started taking gigs about a month ago, as im disabled and can no longer do my regular work. Ive found a few Apps that have been great, and some that seem a bit iffy, so Im wondering if you guys can recommend some good places to work for or some good apps to use to help make money. Ive been screwed over by one already (did all the work and they refused to pay me because they said one question wasnt answered,,mind you there were dozens of questions and they didnt even ask me to fix the one I supposedly missed) and I cant afford to not get paid- my time is valuable (not that everyones isnt) but due to my disability theres only so much I can do a day before im physically exhausted. Ive been using apps like Field Agent, mobee, voxpopme and (I think thats the name) with success, but need more gigs! PLEASE help if you can spare a few minutes, Id be really grateful!

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There is a link at the bottom of the page for mystery shopping companies. Start with the 15 most discussed and sign up. You should get work from that. Good luck!

After reading my post, you will either be appreciative OR you will think I am an a**hole!

Mel states--Ive been screwed over by one already

Bob's opinion--You definitely have not been screwed over. You accepted a contract and failed to acceptably fulfill your end.

Mel also states--they refused to pay me because they said one question wasnt answered

Bob's reply--That is the prerogative of a business contract.

Mel continues--mind you there were dozens of questions

Bob's response--The number is irrelevant

Mel concludes--they didnt even ask me to fix the one I supposedly missed)

Bob repeats--Again, that is their prerogative.

As a self-employed contractor, you will have freedoms of which an employee could only fantasize, but you will also be held to an entirely different standard. Successful business people expect to pay a price for errors, and when they are "cut some slack" they are thankful, but, when said slack is not given, they profit from the experience.
This is your first learning experience, take it at that, and don't act like your in the right, this is for the MSC and client to decide...again, use this as a lesson learned.

Live consciously....
Bob, have you ever done one of those crappy app assignments? I have read some posts from respected forum members who have been doing this for a long time about those app shops, and the reviews have not been positive. It's possible Melissa did a good job on the app shop and got it rejected anyway. They have done it to others. And the apps malfunction, etc. That's one reason I won't do them, it's because of what other forum members have posted about it. And these are forum members who I fully believe did a good job but got their efforts rejected anyway.

Melissa, give traditional MSCs a shot and see what happens with that. Good luck.
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