New to Mystery Shops

Just wanted to say hello. ????
I already started with my first shop which was quite fun.
I hope to learn a lot here for those experienced know (tips & tricks).
So have a good day!

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Hello, I am new to mystery shopping. I am signed up with Ellis doing apartment shops for $40 each. I started out with Ace doing restaurant shops for $10, but haven't been doing them any longer because I am trying to maximum my earnings with the shortest amount of time. I enjoy the apartment shops, but they get kind of cumbersome trying to reach the targets. Does anyone have any suggestions on "excuses" to use when calling for the target when someone other than the target answers? Also, does anyone have any other suggestions on companies I should sign up with who pay fairly quickly? My goal is to make $500 a month doing this without having to invest more than 10 hrs a week.

Thank you
Epms pays well but the reports are wayyyyyyy too long.Sign up for ipsos and gfk they pay weekly but because of the holiday there paying twice a week!Grace hill also have apartment shops and the reports are soooo much easier than epms!
Searching for other opps

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i just completed a retail shop this week. I know I'm new, but the other shops are only paying $3.00, and I can spend that much in just gas to get to the shop.
Also looked at S***ie, and it did not look very promising for me.
Sassie is a reporting platform. There are many companies that use it. Try the Jobslinger job board (they have a free version) and it will show you all of the companies that use Sassie as a reporting platform. You should sign up with all of the Sassie companies. The great thing about being an IC is if the fee is too low or you don't like the shop details, you don't have to apply for the shop.
Much gratitude to you. Thanks ♥

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