Hello, newbie from Washington State

Hi all! Happy New Year!
I live an hour+ north of Seattle and not sure which companies have shops around me. I’m on Presto site but I don’t know how to search out others? Should I just sign up with everyone? Any advice is appreciated.

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Did you see the link of "Official Mystery Shopping Companies" at the bottom of the page? Start with the top 15 most discussed and then go from there. Good luck and happy shopping!
Or just stalk Matt's posts ;-)

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No worries.... I don't tend to talk about my very favorite companies. Besides, most new folks don't get into video shopping right away......

I live in Seattle and do this part time - some weeks I do quite a bit and sometimes I don't shop for a month - or longer. There is a ton of good shopping in this area. Start with the list @JASFLALMT cited. You can also check out the "New Shoppers" area of this forum and get a tremendous amount of information. If you do really get into this, you'll want to sign up with over 100 MSC's in time.

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