Hello Everyone,
I am Camille Kazmierczak and I live in Clayton, North Carolina In the U.S.A. I have started out slowly into secret shopping. After I left my job in Jan of this year I started to do more and have learned a lot and want to continue to learn and do more in this world of secret shopping. I love it and look forward to all the experience and comments everyone has to offer.
I have worked with Best Mark and Ispos and ISecretShop and Confero and AP and more. Trying to get myself recognized as a good valuable shopper. I used to work in grocery stores for Kellogg's and Nabisco and I also owned my own business at one time for 15 years. Looking to make money and also enjoy the flexibility to be able to see my aging Mother and Father in Buffalo New York more often.

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Welcome to the forum! Your timing to get into mystery shopping is unfortunate since with the economy pretty much shut down there is a whole lot of thumb twiddling going on amongst shoppers ! smiling smiley It will get better as control is gained over this virus.
Hi Camille, welcome here! I just want to point out if you can, get the forum moderators or the owner to change your username to something different if that's your real email address or you might end up getting a lot of spam. You can send a private message by clicking on your username and selecting "private messages", then selecting "new message" and entering Forum Moderator or JacobJ into the "to" box. It's just a suggestion for your safety and to avoid annoyance.

Again, welcome to the forum!
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