Returning former shopper/merchandiser

Greetings all,
So I used to shop and merchandise in the late 90s to around 2005. I used to get leads from a site called volition which seems to not be around any longer. Is this a replacement? Is the work like it used to be or have things changed a lot? I imagine now there are apps and many ways to use a smart phone.


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Volition closed -erm- of its own volition. This forum co-existed for several years with Volition.

There are apps for mystery shopping, merchandising and audit assignments. You can use your phone for timings, pictures, and [possibly] recordings. Recordings are a legal matter and the laws vary from state to state.

Several MSC's have merged; others have closed altogether. A quick search or three can show you the list of known companies and the most-discussed companies and issues.

Welcome back, good luck, and try to enjoy whatever is available now in the covid era. Stay safe out there! smiling smiley

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